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This is square 1: three rows of simple cables to get us started. It measures about 15 cm square and you will need about 20 grammes ( or 16 possibly) of Stylecraft Special Aran.

Ch= chain
dc= double crochet
sc=single crochet for USA readers only
Tr= treble (=dc for USA)
BPTr= back post treble ( =BACK POST DC for USA)
FPDTr= front post double treble(=FRONT POST TREBLE for USA)
HTr= half treble ( = half dc for USA)
Tch= turning chain(s)
YO= yarn over hook.

Tension: 18 dc measure 15 cm across worked loosely with  a 5mm hook.

the following instructions are in UK=English crochet terminology, USA readers please refer to the conversion stitches listed above.

It comes in 100 g balls and gives 196 metres so 20 g would be about 39 metres if you are using an alternate yarn you will need 39 metres of that yarn.

 Foundation row:Using a 6mm hook chain 18, then change to a 5 mm hook and chain 1.
Row 1
The turning chain(s) in these patterns WILL NOT be counted as stitches.
Therefore work a double crochet - dc- ( sc single crochet for USA) in the second chain from the hook to the end: 18 stitches.
Row 2
Ch 2= Tch, then work 18  Htr all across the dcs in row 1.
A half treble is when you yarn over to start then stick the hook into the stitch loops and pull up a loop then  work YO through 3 loops once only.

Row 3 - start of cables: these simple cables are made of a 2 row repeat.
Ch 2= Tch, then work 3 Htr in the  top loops of the first 3  HTr below.
Now  * skip the next HTr and work a front post double treble around the post body of the next HTr.
You do this by putting 2 YO onto hook, then insert the hook from the front to the back of the work at the right hand edge of the HTr, push the hook behind the body of the HTr and come back to the front at the left edge. Now YO and pull yarn through until it's on the hook. 4 loops on hook now.
YO and pull through 2 loops three times to complete the FPDTr.
Now repeat that stitch round the skipped HTr.
Then work 3 HTr but make sure you do NOT work into the top of the HTrs you have just used to work around with your FPDTr. ( it can be a little confusing at first?).
Repeat from * twice more and you will have finished this row, 18 sts.

Row 4- the second part of the 2 row cable pattern.
Ch 2 , **
work 3 Htr, work 1 BPTr into each of the next 2 stitches, repeat from ** to end of row.

A BPTr is worked as follows: YO once and stick the hook around the body of the FPDTr below going from the back of the work, across the front of the body of the stitch and back to the back on the other side. YO and pull through. 3 loops onn hook. Now YO and work through 2 loops at a time twice to complete the BPTr.
Please note these ''post '' stitches as they are called are worked around the body of a stitch and NOT in the top loops of the stitch as is customary with other types of stitches.

Now repeat row 3 and row 4 until the work measures 14 cm and finish with a final row of;
Ch1, work 18 dc into the top loops of each stitch and fasten off.
The square should measure 15 cm square.

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