Friday, 16 September 2016

Bath University Sampler Aran Throw CAL - SQUARE 2. ( BUS AT CAL 2)

This is a very simple square and is going to be used when we want to add a flat piece to emphasise the relief work on the other squares. It's simple, quick and easy to work.

Crochet term abbreviations key is on post dated  16 September- BUS AT CAL square 1.

Foundation row: with 6 mm hook chain 18.
* Row 1 : with 5 mm hook, ch1 ( = Tch) then work 18 dc across starting in second chain from hook, 1dc per ch to the end of the row. 18 sts.

Repeat row 1 from * 19 more times but working a dc into each of the dc in the row below, i.e. do not miss any,  18 sts in each row to end with row 20. Fasten off.

The photo shows the rows running vertically.

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