Saturday, 10 September 2016

MINION pattern for the foot...

Day 7 and 8 or actually night mostly as I finished the MINION foot-cover at  1: 30 am on the night going from Saturday into Sunday.
The previous night I had hardly any sleep, a combination of pain and hot flushes or simply the muggy night stopped me falling asleep alltogether or waking me up every 30 minutes for a few hours.
The hospital dispensed codeine has run out and I found that paracetamol ''ADVANCE'' although very effective kept me awake all night as I am very sensitive to caffeine.

Still after an uncomfortable morning today I finally fell asleep at 3 pm and woke at 7 pm with the idea for a Minion on my foot rather than the rather boring trial sample in variegated pink that I ran up in a hurry to escape the floppy red sock...
So I went from the floppy  and too large red hiking sock to the pink crocheted cover which was practical but ugly.
Here's the Minion Pattern but I do not have exact quantities.

You'll need some yellow aran cotton or two balls of DK : probably about 60 grammes.
Then you need scraps of black DK, white DK , Royal Blue DK and pale grey DK yarn- I used mainly cotton but you can use anything.
Hooks: 3.5 mm and a 4.5 mm.

The cover measures about 16 cm tall and has a flat measurement across the base of 16 cm.

Chain 2 with the yellow yarn held double and the 4.5 mm hook, then work 8 dc into the first chain and slip stitch to close the circle.
Ch1 and then work 2 dc into each dc of the first row and slip stitch to close the row, Place a marker in this slip stitch.
Ch1 * and work 1 dc into the first dc and 2 dc into the next dc ** and then repeat from * to ** to the marker but now continue to spiral working in the round and working in the back loops only.
The work is now beginning to look like this:

Keep on spiralling and work 1dc each into the first 2 stitches followed by 2 dc into the next( 3rd stitch) for the next round,

then 1dc each into 3 sts and 2 dc into the 4th stitch and so on gradually doing more single dc and less frequent increases until you get to 44 stitches or the size that fit s your project.
When I got to 44 stitches I kept working  1 dc into each previous dc, no more increases so that the work turns into a tube.
In total I worked about 18-20 rows in this spiralling fashion until it covered and fitted the foot well.
Work a few slip stitches ( 5 ) and pull through to fasten off, leaving a long length to sew in later.
Attach the royal blue colour and ch 1 , then work the dc int he round for 3 rounds and work a 5 chain at the end of the 3rd round, attach it to the rim with 2 dc and turn working 7 dc into the space and covering the 5 chains just made. This is the loop for attaching the foot-cover.

Now for the EYES!!!

Using black DK and a 3.5 mm hook chain 2 and use a start loop which adjusts from the short end NOT the main yarn end!
Now work 6 dc into the first chain and ss closed to the first ch, pull it closed by the yarn end and you should have no hole in the centre.
Work 2 dc into each stitch for round 2 and fasten off securely leaving an end to sew in.
Fasten on the white DK - I used some 4 ply I had lying about so I used this double.
Work about 3 increases evenly spaced to end up with a circle of 19 dc in the white., the second row in the white ended as 24 sts so work 5 increases of 2 dc into 1 dc below and ensure they are evenly spaced to preserve the circle. The stitches which are nor being oncreased are just a dc into the dc below. It was roughly increase every 3rd or 4th stitch.

I first used a medium grey alpaca I had but it did not look quite right/

I was using THIS picture from Ravelry as my inspiration but am omitting the hair as I don;t like it.
So I changed to pale grey...

Now for me this pale grey was an aran yarn so I loosely crocheted with the 3.5mm hook, 1 dc into each dc and then coaxed it to lie flat.
If you use a thinner yarn you may need some increases or the eye will ''bowl up''?!

Make two eyes and then sew the ends in and sew the eyes onto the hood with the pale grey yarn in a running stitch  but leave an opening at the side of each eye for the black band.
The black band:
with the black DK yarn and a 3.5 mm hook chain 41 and then turn and work 1 dc into each chain from the 2nd chain onwards to the end, ch 1 turn and work a dc into each dc below and fasten off leaving a long length to sew the band from eye to eye and tuck the ends into the side of each eye.

Sew on the band and embroider a smile below the eyes with the black thread also.
I like symmetry so I did a central smile but I have seen ''wonky  right sided angled smiles that look funny too? 
There's lots of inspiration on Ravelry if you search using Minions in the pattern search box.

Now for the tie which the above hood did not yet have, 
Fasten on with royal blue on the side opposite to the loop made earlier.
For me that would be at the right hand side of the hood pictured here on the foot as the loop is at at the left.
Crochet a chain of about 41 sts, with 3.5 mm hook and then turn and slip stitch back through the top loop all the way back to the fasten on point, do 2 dc to fasten back to base and fasten off. 
Sew in ends.
Now every time I walk a little - heel bearing on the right only but normally on the left, and I look down I smile a wee bit. It's fun! 
Though my teen daughters- and they agreed on this one- said it was a tad ''disturbing'' that I liked a smiley Minion on my foot???? WHY?????

 Surely this is a massive improvement on the pink one? Or the sock?
I did think of a wee rabbit too but the floppy long ears would have been in the way just like the sock.
And all that resting with the foot up above hip level lark- there's 4 more days of that due- is all the more FUN when you see the smile of a minion! LOL.

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