Tuesday, 20 September 2016

BUS AT CAL Square 8 : Crossed Trebles Mock Cable

Bath University Sampler Aran Throw Crochet-Along.

Square 8: Crossed Trebles: mock cables.

This square starts with two photos as the front looks very similar to the back and this is important as if you work the stitch in a different way the back will not have any diagonal strands showing.

After square 7 this one is quicker, simpler and flatter so it is a nice contrast.
This is often referred to as a cable itself but I find as it's only a few strands crossing over that a mock cable is a more suitable name.

If you are just joining me here, please refer to the post for square 1  and the ''plan'' post for abbreviations, yarn quantities, plans, ways of working and terms used, size of square , yarn , hook sizes etc.

Pattern for the BUS AT CAL  Square 8: Crossed Trebles: mock cables.

Foundation row: as always work a 18 ch with 6 mm hook, change to 5 mm for the rest of the square.

Row 1: ch1=Tch, work 18 dc 1 in each ch starting from 2nd ch from hook.

Row2: ( I do not mention turning as this is assumed in normal crochet worked back and forth, it is mentioned for square 7 as you turn during a row)
Ch3, work a Tr into the first dc, * skip a stitch, work 1 Tr in each of the next 3 sts, then work a Tr into the skipped stitch and pull the loops up nice and long and loose across the 3 Tr already worked, finish the treble in the normal way. Strands of yarn should be lying across both the front and the back of the work. Repeat from * across three more times and finish the row with a Tr into the final stitch.

Row 3: ch1, work a dc into each stitch: 18 dc.

Repeat row 2 and 3 four more times. Fasten off.
You should have 5 rows of 4 crossed treble cables.

End of a dc row.
3ch turning chain Tch.
1 Tr, 1 skipped stitch and 3 Tr worked and skipped stitch indicated with a stick.
Loopy crossing treble being made...
finish the treble as usual, YO through 1 loops twice...

Bottom edge...
Top edge....

Front and back as first two photos.

Voila, nice easy square N'est-ce pas? 

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