Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dorset 4

 This was a late afternoon/ early evening walk just me and Lucy as I wanted to see how far it was to just walk from the cottage to the sea. ( about 3 miles). As you can see I did get there- eventually(!)
 To ensure success I kept to the road this time: direct from Shipton Gorge to Burton Bradstock.
 See those tall white houses? That's where the sea is.
 On the edge of BurtonB village I took a wrong turn but found this lovely stream with a Mill-house and everything, very pretty.
 And some lambs!
 Back into the centre of this village I found directions to the beach, which are away from the village.
 SEE? THERE it is. FOUND IT. I then discovered this is a National Trust beach. And was called Hive Beach I think. But not on my maps and not on any other maps I consulted.
 The ligth was staring to fade a little depending on the angle you held the camera?

Yes, well I can't get enough of the sea, waves and all those permutations of sea, sky and sand...
I promise there are photos I have NOT uploaded, lots indeed.
 There were lots of fishermen at 6 pm that evening.
And really lovely lively waves!

Footsore ansd weary after walking uphill and downhill and winding our way back to the cottage, we'd been away just over 2 hours... Onto cook dinner and then relax with some crochet:

These armchairs were oh so ''bug ugly'' BUT very comfortable and GREAT to relax in, doing crochet or reading and watching tv! Now I want some comfy armchairs for home too! Some you can curl up in or side sideways with your legs over the side.....?
Lucy had walked so much she was chewing her paw and had to wear a bucket to stop the chewing...

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