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Vogue Sewing Couture Nostalgia 3

 This DIOR pattern I made in the 1980's and wore to my friend Susannah's wedding , unfortunately it was before I had my colours done so I made it in peach and pale turquoise blue raw silk from Fanny's Fabrics in Calgary, Canada and wore it with peach leather courts and a huge peach straw hat, it was a hot summer's day. The dress was superb , alas the colours were a poor choice. This is a - private and therfore probably boring for viewers- sorry for that- run through the couture pattern book I have but which has had to be destroyed as it has mould.
 Purchased March 1985 after being on a catalogue waiting list at the local department store.
Here follow the patterns I still quite like, 28 years later.

 The colour blocking so in fashion lately was also used in 1984 by Chloe and Dior.

 Even Jean Muir is represented. Lovely flowing and flattering jersey dresses, her trademark.

 And the waterfall collar on jackets that was de riguer and seemed so new in 2012 was also present in 1985.
By John Antony.

 White collars, the in-thing at the moment, was there too.
 This number by Albert Nipon seen here in lilac , I had made for me by a seamstress in North Wales in 1988 and it was a disaster: it looked awful on me, alas. Mine was in cotton lawn with aqua green contrast buttons and collar and the lawn was floral aqua green, red and pink flowers on white ground. Yeuch!

 This was a nice shirt dress I don;t have the pattern for.

 John Antony again, very stylish.
 Nice lace jacket.
 This ballgown I have the pattern for- if only I could find it somewhere? I also have the rose red watermark taffeta in the attic. Was meant for a Ball in London but I didn't have the time to sew it in time so I hired one.
Then it went out of fashion. Still love it though, the old fashioned fairy tale quality, very Cinderella.
I have this one too, could be very handy for the panelled skirts I want to make for Scottish Country dancing?! Seek and ye shall find- my dad's favourite saying as we grew up and were always losing things... I shall be seeking out this pattern.

 Early Issey, would need a tall person to carry so much extra fabric.
 This is more me.

 I have this jumpsuit, I made it in a red cotton in 1983 and it was FABULOUS, very comfy and stylish and I wore it a lot at the time in the  Calgary summer. It was quite complex to make but worked well and features red triangle buttons.

 I have this Ralph Lauren too but it's never been made.
 This Anne Klein jacket I made in a cherry red wool lined with a dark navy satin and was a huge fave for many years. I still have it. It's a bit short to wear with the current low hip trousers or jeans but in those days trousers were waisted and it worked a treat.

 Colour blocking again.
 Adele Simpson- but quite Chanel-esque don;t you think?

 This was my all time fave, I LOVED this outfit and meant to make it in two tone navy, but I don't think I ever did.

 I did wear a very similar suit to Touche Ross in London's City offices for a season or so.
Complete with velvet bow in hair and bowed patent leather pumps.
 Didn't we see this RALPH lauren in the photos in the earlier nostalgia session?
 I always loved the Perry Ellis Linen collections, every summer.

 A nice coat.

 The above is 2828, sound basic jackets.
 The above belongs to the abc jacket schematics.

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