Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sunny Day walk at the Ridgeway

 11:30 am Saturday: having been up since 8 am and done 2 washes and tidying, some journal writing and much thinking I decided to make the most of the sunshine and bring Lucy for a walk. JJ away working and the teens still abed asleep.
 The first greening again: lovely Spring yellow-green new leaves a-sprouting.
 Ah yes that ol' familiar and yet still delightful view.The Vale of Aylesbury.

 See? Lucy's head, she's up there before me.
 Someone's has a bbq up here.

 Time for some water, it's 14 degrees C and breezy.

 Enjoying the view and then right above there's a Red Kite:


 Turning left and going up above the ridge...

 Found a new path through a wood...
 Except it turned from a footpath into a bridleway...( the blue arrows are bridleways)
 We turned right onto the bridleway.

 A new version of the view.

 Another view on the left.

 Onwards and steeply downwards now.

 Quite busy today, many families out walking.

 Normally we always go back down the bridleway pointing away from you, but today there was a TRAILRIDE going on which meant many manic cyclists hurtling down the bridleway at breakneck speeds and little concern for anyone on foot let alone little dogs...So as I wanted to continue with Lucy off-lead it was much safer to go back the way we came... so back up hill it was.

so pretty in purple but not sure what it is.
 Lucy resting on a step, she's finished her 500 ml bottle of water now, as have I.

 Down the other bridle way it is
 Horses on the left.

 There used to be deer here?

 Ah yes, found the deer they are in the distance.

 Back by the car, this is where we started. Not sure I've ever seen a hill fort???My car is oarked further up, in the shade.

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