Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wirehaired Dachshunds and new priorities

 De-cluttering that's what I'm doing this Spring, hooray! And these old calendars have to GO!
I can only do it though while keeping a few photographic memories. The above could be our Pips on the left and my old pal Rex ( 1978) on the right. Rex was a puppy I found for mum to live with her, he was born in 1978 and he was a red brindle like this one. He ate a toy Santa in 5 seconds flat.
 These two don;t resemble any dogs I've known.S'pose the left one could be a very dark Rex?

I won't say resolutions as such more a change of priorities. I've collected too many clothes, patterns, fabrics, wool and cotton and other yarns and crochet patterns, magazines and books too.
 So the new priorities - in fine weather and in company- are:
WALKING in the countryside and indoors to a film
COOKING and FOOD for the family, but based on collected WW recipes, aiming to try at least 2 NEW ones a month.
Making the house nicer
Making new and more friends.
Increase charitable donations
Have a big party with dancing to celebrate a birthday...!!! Maybe ask OUSDS to run the ceilidh?
 NO NEW clothes to be bought for 12 months, 365 days, 52 weeks.
Exceptions are socks, undies and shoes.
I am allowed to make some, to sew , to machine knit or to crochet. FROM STASH.
 Join Ramblers, Chiltern Weekend Walkers and Thame walkers.
Join U3A if I'm allowed
Write those crochet books I have the ideas for.
Go back to SINGING if I can find the time without affecting the family time.
Towersey singing or St Jo's choir or elsewhere?
 Find somewhere to go rollerblading !!! Such fun!
ice-skating too?

 This could soo be Pippa or Lucy: Mistress will you KEEP your new priorities?
 What a lovely line.
 Definitely a Lucy look-alike.

 OOOH, have you seen that I attacked the bin bags in the garden? Oops.
Or found that old bone down the back of the sofa?

My paws can go thump thump thump like THIS.

Pippa when she's just back from the groomers. ( above) Oh so wise....

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