Friday, 19 April 2013

Spring has sprung

 Last Sunday at Cuttlebrook, the weeping willows were finally showing some signs of Spring: look!
 Yep I know it's a very grey day still but that yellow streak on the mid left is the weeping one.

 Pippa says: I'm not going any further. Walk? Phoo! What do you take me for? I'm a sofa dog, me.
 But Lucy has raced ahead , her usual ebullient self and is wondering what the fuss is about. I'll wait here then.
 Blossom!!! Yes blossom too, pretty lacy and white.

 Lichens as well as nice new green foliage.

 All the trees are budding.
 And the silver birch is growing fragile silvery new twigs
 There WAS a tiny bit of BLUE sky...
 And catkins!

From the lump- story there was a development this week where they took two biopsies as they didn;t like what they saw from the fine needle aspiration and now it's nail biting waiting times again, or in my case : as I hardly have any nails ( clipped close to stop scratching in eczema) I spend it crocheting all the more: the first sleeve of the red angora cardigan is almost soon. And I've been cabling too: such fun!
Positive thinking is the order of the day but there's just one worrying symptom: constant fatigue not to mention exhaustion.... is this part of it or something else? I could sleep for days!
Dorset week was mostly wet with two sunny afternoons, but there are 100's of photos which I may share mostly without narrative, just enjoy the views? There's a video of the sea too: Blissfully peaceful.

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