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Sewing Pattern inventory part 2.

Loved watching the Sewing Bee on BBC2 today and maybe that is why I am delving through ancient hiding places to see and record my pattern stash? So many, is it hundreds? And yet relatively few have been made so far. Not to mention the dozens or more BURDA magazines I have with their pull-out pattern supplements... and to think I used to be able to draft my own pattern pieces and adjust or amend collars, necklines, sleeves and move darts at will? Why did I do all that pattern drafting and I do seem to have endless duplications of pretty much the same thing... definitely have to try to sell some unused ones on E-bay soon! Miss E shows no inclination at 15 to like sewing at all and Miss Y might be interested, so we'll wait and see if either one takes it up ? Or maybe it will skip a generation? My granny on my dad's side was a sewer and did amazing tatted lace apparently and my maternal gran did sew a bit and knit a lot and she taught me to knit I think. Crochet I was taught at school a little and then I took off with it being in Ariadne to which I had a teenage subscription.

Back to sewing: here it goes, look away NOW!


Jacket and trousers meant for Miss Y and I even have brown corduroy for the trousers in the attic...
 2010 but I don;t quite see why? Maybe some navy wool work trousers?

 I did make bathrobes and PJs for the girls, the latter from Liberty Lawn no less. Very cute.
 Not yet made but with good intentions

 Was OK until I realised it was for stretch knits only... I don;t do jersey as I don't have an overlocker.
I even went on an expensive day's sewing course where sewing with jersey was to be covered to find out how I can have neat seams with my swing machine on jersey ... it has fancy special stitches- only to be told not to bother but just buy an overlocker...!!!April 2011 and yet it seems longer ago.

2012 March 23rd to be exact.

 These jackets date from the early 1980's again.
 This is more recent, I'm thinking dance dresses here or am I? 2005?

 July 2005 I think? Wasn't yet dancing then and not yet back at work, was I still a mum full-time?
 And this is March 2012 when I discovered the fit adjustments which I hope will restore my confidence!
When I was a 36-38B I could sew so happily but after breastfeeding two children I went up to a 34F and knowing that sewing patterns are for a B cup at most I lost my confidence.
It needs a wider panelled skirt for dancing though. Or stay slimline if it's for work.

 This top was to copy a fave White Stuff tunic which I almost wore out in 2010/2011.

 Skirts for dancing in!

 It's that round neckline banded thing that Boden had and I wanted to make for the girls summer tops. Not in these naff fabrics or colours though! And the yoked jacket is simply gross.

 I was persuaded by a lady in March 2012 to buy this blue jacket pattern, she was very busty and wearing a lovely silk tweed blazer- this pattern apparently. I have the silk tweed in the attic from Calgary days.( 1984)

 This could be a perfect Scottish dance dress, maybe with inserted gores for even more SWIRL factor?
Short sleeve in cotton with Vneck and high waist, just the ticket for me. March 2012 again, still deciding on the perfect fabric choice.

And THEN I discovered yet ANOTHER BOX....:
 1991 and again I had the fabric in cotton but not in lycra
 The all time favourite romantic jacket
 A fleece one I did make in 1994

 1988, Geiger style classic boiled wool jackets. Very Sloane RANGER.

 1987 a good staple for summers or evening dresses.
 THIS one is an absolute STAR!!! I had it made in a navy brocaded weave cotton drill , lined and it has futuristic silver buttons, I wear it with almost all work dresses in summer. I LOVE it.
The contrast bands are in self fabric on my version.

 I like this one but not sure how the double breasted front will sit if jacket is worn open?
 Boxy jewel neck jackets galore.
 Classic Coat.
 THIS was the t top I made in many guises for work at Touche Ross&partners. In silk dupion, in cotton liberty lawn, in printed cottons etc. Very simple, very comfortable and takes very little fabric.
Simple keyhole button at back of neck.
Made the waistcoat too but that did not work out.

 Made this in 1989 in liberty lawn: off white with a navy sprigged design and the lace was off white embroidered cotton nett. Looked vintage but wasn't.
 Aha, we're back to my love of all things Chanel-esque.

An excellent standard coat design with comfy raglan sleeves

 Boxy jewel neck jackets again
 Blouse with interesting insets.

 Made in 2012 in Navy TOCCA lace.
 This Janice Wainwright was amazing to sew and wear: I made the jacket in fine black brocade weave wool and the top and skirt in a black and white viscose . They were lovely to wear. I need to remake the jacket in a navy and in a cherry red wool....?!! I do hope none of the pieces have gone missing, I made it in the late 1980's. The black wool had roses woven into it but was attacked by moths over the years.

 Like these shoulders....

 Hope I can sell this Oscar de la Renta, it's not been used.

 Evening bags from when I did City and Guild's machine embroidery. It was one of the projects.

 This square neck design did not work out but the raglan one below did and was worn a lot. January 1985.

 Waistcoat mania, don't ask. Even now I have 10-12 waistcoats, they used to suit me so well.

 Weird dresses: what was I thinking? Maternity?
 This one was because the sleeve is on the bias, this is unusual.

 I had plans for embroidered yokes...or embellished ones.

 I made this a few times for my pregnancies: in cotton voile and in batik cottons
 I made this in black velvet. The one on the far left.
 ????????I had no idea ?
 Now THIS is what I wanted to make in white/ cream for the wedding to JJ but there wasn;t time because suddenly we HAD to get married before it became 2001.... So mid December 2000 it was and still he cannot remember the date. It'll be 13 years this year: anniversaries are easy to calculate and 20 years together this summer.
 I have a Donna Karan purple jersey to make this dress, bought in New York and cut out and part sewn.
That was 1991 I think.

 Waistcoats again?

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