Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dorset 3

The day dawned grey and dreary
so Miss E and I tried out a ''short walk'' that was marked clearly on my map: i.e. from the church in Shipton Gorge back through some fields, curling onto the road for a few more paces along the road back to our cottage.

 First we set off from the cottage right onto the road and up the hill to the church.
 We had both dogs with us and the path seemed clear enough...
 Here was a choice: straight ahead, turn left ( away from the village) or turn right along this track?

 We choose straight ahead, and soon first Lucy and then Pippa went into this stream, except there was a deep bank of mud we had not seen...

 See? Doesn;t that look like a clear path to you? With a bridge and stile and everything?
 On we went.
 Looking back the church is mid-left at the back, hard to identify because the church tower is hidden by trees.
 Then it got very hilly and interesting...
 But the  path ended abruptly just after this bit and nowhere near any road....
We could see the sea in the distance but nothing of Shipton Gorge so we ended up coming back exactly the way we came.
 Then into Bridport on Monday so the girls could access the internet in the library?
I found a superb wool shop nearby.

 And a weird cheese and mice lamp?!!
 An amazing hat shop, quaint really.

 Then finally we climber East Cliff at West Bay to get these views from the top of the cliffs.

 Look we were level with seagulls flying and nesting!
Our reward came from a marvellous bakery in Bridport: we were so hungry we ate before photos could be taken:
vegetable muffins with sweet potato and parsnip, Health Slice which had oats, grated fresh apple and sultanas and was very ''wet'' to eat, cheesy puff pastry confections and also THIS: 
 This was delicious as was the rest, but here's a photo with both delicious Dorset AND the

Address, should you ever come this way.....YUMMEEEE, very soft and moist almost cakey texture, nit hard or crunchy at all. Very oaty though.

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