Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sewing Pattern Inventory part 3

Just when I was thinking this pattern collection is rather obsessive, which of course it was, I want to emphasise that I live more in the present these days: the above was JJ's birthday cake which we enjoyed and is all eaten now, red velvet again but with chocolate icing in the middle and cream cheese on the top and some safely hidden chocolade hagel from Delft from last April's visit.
 Saw a lovely crocheted COAT yesterday, isn't it fab? As was the sunshine, we did lots of walking with and without the dogs. Weight watchers to market and back and cattle market to Cuttlebrook, round Cuttlebrook and then back again. Dropped off a few bags at Oxfam too.

Isn't this lovely? I could quite see myself wearing it, in a blue or red dress with white embroidery and a blue or red leather cross body wee leather bag, maybe with suede boots ? Or sheer tights and sandals or wedge courts in summery weather.
 Had a few minutes on the garden swing seat which I haven;t sat on for over a year! THE SUNSHINE was actually quite WARM at last and so cosy! It's bliss to FEEL the sun on your face?And these are out daffodils, out in blossom at last. Can you say blossom for a bulb or is it flower only?

OK, so these are the last of the patterns now, found in odd nooks and crannies.

Love this Anne Klein shorter jacket, I have a self satin stripe cherry red pure wool for this...

 Did I evr think I would sew my own jeans????WHY? OH WHY???
 Flat front trousers, but I've never sewn myself trousers....
 Draped curtains, where was this pattern when I was re-doing the upper hallway?
 And a final useful basic blouse or tank top.
That's it. Except for the Vogue pattern used to make my fur coat, to which I still have to add a hood.
It's sunny again so I'm off walking.

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  1. So jealous of your outside flowers...I'm still waiting for my star magnolia to bloom. Enjoy the outdoors, it's been a long winter! And I love the white crochet coat...How Audrey Hepburn!