Saturday, 20 April 2013

Lyme Regis= Dorset 2.

 Having lunch in the sunshine outside on that first Saturday : this is JJ's cappucino at Lyme Regis.
 I just loved the detail on the lamps! Molluscs!
 And I saw this really REALLY really pretty lariat that looked crocheted.....
 And a needle lace set of grapes as a necklace...
 JJ and a view by a canon.

 The sea!
 The view from whence we came: East that is.
 Then on a rainy day we came back to shop and browse a little: it's a haven for FOSSILS.
 Saw some of the best collections and choice of jewellery with Lapis Lazuli: my favourite.
 Of course I like turquoise too.
 This time the sea is very GREY.

 Same car park as before.
 Hilary Highet :the shop with lovely knitwear and the sunflower lariat...
 That same canon as before, even the gull is leaving as it's wet and raining.
 Look! Amazing coloured twine and raffia! These colours would encourage even me to do some gardening, or rather I wanted to crochet with it! Was very ''good'' and did not buy any.

 Fresh and fake flowers and crochet flowers: lovely.
 Crochet bag for inspiration?
 And then these plates from Sicily: WOWEE!

 And this was the street: kids running in the rain. Sea in the distance, downhill.

 I liked these earrings,  but in the lapis version.
 Yep the sea is still grey.
 Still searching for the shop with the automatons.....
 This shop had such pretty things, Miss Y swapped her chosen mini owl keyring for an owl blackboard...

 These were the mini owl keyrings: so cute.
 Love these dancing hares.
Then we walked back up a very long hill to the top car park and drove home in the rain.
We played games at home and had lovely food in our cosy cottage.

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