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Sewing Pattern Inventory- private

Sorry folks this is not going to be very interesting but it's the best way I know to record in one known place my sewing patterns of the 1980's-1990's.
They had to come in from the garage and will be stowed in a number of places, some are destined for Oxfam tomorrow.

 After wearing quite a bit of Laura Ashley in 1983 we found it was very expensive to buy in Canada so I ended up with the sewing patterns instead of the dresses... I did make some but not this one.
 These were for the office when I was working in the City.

 This jumpsuit I did wear a lot. Casual sportswear in Calgary, made of black cotton jersey sweatshirting.

 This was similar to a dark navy wool Next jacket I had and wore out. There was no contrast, just all navy.

 Made this one as towelling bathrobes were rare in Calgary, they were all made of synthetic fleece rather than cotton towelling.

 Love this short sculptured jacket, but NOT in a check.

 Made and wore this one a lot, in cherry red pinwale corduroy.
 And this one went to City X-mas parties: in deep red dupion( tiers) and black velvet( bodice) with a large red bow on the shoulder, worn with elbow length black velvet gloves.

 Harem pants, remember those? I had some black jersey ones from Pamplemousse in 1986 and they were fabulous but I never made any.

 Made this one several times in cotton voile and organza and cotton lawn. It has a very neat small collar  and a very narrow button-band.

 Sensible shirtwaisters....but oh so boring?

I think I was tempted by the concept of a new skirt in just 1 hour?
 Still looking for the Chanel jacket

 This was a disaster made in a floral cotton lawn from Liberty. A sewing firm in North Wales made it.
 I love these jackets, just not sure of such gathered sleeve heads? Probably quite slimming though.
 For the interesting classic shirt
 Skirts again?
 This was for the cropped jacket
 Lovely lace.
 Can't remember why this one, Princess Di was wearing large shawl collars I think.
 Made this one for summers in Calgary.
 Wore this one a lot!
 Never made this and not sure I ever will now.
 This was the cherry red wool Anne Klein cropped blazer.
 And this my DIOR raw silk dress.

 More ''work'' blouses to cheer up a suit and for 3-4 years after Calgary helped my eczema dissappear I was able to wear pure silk against the skin. So I wore silk blouses with my ''City of London'' business suits. That ceased to be possible from 1993 onwards. Cotton or viscose only. Silk gives me a rash.
 I loved the look of Perry Ellis but never made any. I'm not that tall.
 More work shirts, the big shoulders are slimming for the hips ...
 This one I liked the white one with black trim though I'd do it in navy. I had it made in stripes but it was not a success.
 This one's a classic and I had it many many times in many printed cottons.
 Dreaming of fancy dances I think.

 There's the ball gown I have the red taffeta for. In attic.

 BAGS? The duffel bag I think I wanted to make.

 I have no idea why I have so many hat patterns, maybe to make a faux fur hat? Or an embroidered velvet one?

 Classic PJ's , made a few times. Then I used to get mine in pure cotton lawn from La Redoute every Spring but they have stopped doing them so it's back to the sewing machine I think!

 I made this suit, jacket and skirt B in a black boucle with narrow red and pink stripes and lots of neat gilt buttons. Lined in red satin it was lovely to wear even if black was not  a good colour 4 me.

 And I made brocade waistcoat C and wore it a bit with black silk trousers and a silk T shirt.

 And this one was made from a Liberty Cotton with a row of 12 domed buttons running up the sleeve from the wrist.Spring 1990.

 And from this one: I made a batwing top in a royal blue aztec pattern cotton from John Lewis Oxford St, it had some red and ochre in it and the bands were at right angles like the green stripe featured, it was fabulous and I wore and washed it so much, it faded to sky blue and the cuffs started fraying.

 I have no idea now why I bought either the one above or below.
 This one was to learn how to sew a wing collar.

 This T top with buttons all the way down the sleeve I made in a broad navy/white striped cotton and it was a hot favourite in the early 1980's. I still have it in fact and it still fits.
 I made the flap dress in a blue striped and textured linen and it did not suit me at all.

 I made the sailor blouse and wore it only while it was still fashionable which was only a few weeks.
It too lingers in  the attic. The collar is very large. I have the blue striped cotton/ white collar version.

 I made this in a Turquoise Thai silk and a black velvet and again it has graced a few Autumn parties in London.

 This Oscar de la Renta was made for me in royal blue with black trims and gilt buttons and was worn to Ascot with a large black straw hat, with a flat crown and a huge flipped brim.
And afterwards to work for special meetings.I do not now know where it's stored...

 This Emanuel Ungaro was one of my very first ''designer'' Vogue patterns but I haven't made it.

 This paisley Ungaro dress, I made in a chocolate brown paisley and wore it many times with knee high chocolate suede boots. I wore it to my adopted brother's wedding to Debbie and for Christmas 1981 which I spent in Northumberland with friends and where I was hopelessly in love with a handsome chap named Giles who had a moustache and was a good Scottish Dancer......I'll never forget dancing the polka with him.
It should have been so good but I was so very nervous that it wasn't good at all.
This dress along with the suitcase it was in was stolen in December 1982.

 No idea why I ever thought this would be a good look?
 Gangster dress, anyone?
 Good coats
 My one and ONLY Donna Karan, I hate sewing with lycra!
 I made this cowl blouse in many fabrics and it was a great one to wear with a suit.
I had it in emerald green silk, in purple dupion and in turquoise wool/silk mix.
You just throw it on an voila, you're dressed and no necklace needed.
 Military blouses I never made. I did wear jumble sale ex Navy shirts though, with epaulettes!

 This jacket was made in North Wales in a self satin print spotted viscose of suiting weight.
It doesn't sit well and is not a fave, maybe I need to change the button and wear it with a lace hankerchief?

 This dress does not need lycra- unlike another I have somewhere, it can be made with linen or light weight damask so I need to give it a try because I don;t think it's dated? What colours though and would I dare wear it these days?

Voila that was the four boxes from the garage, but I do have more, somewhere, the more recent stuff is in the house......

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