Thursday, 2 May 2013

Revision Time

 This is not really a post. Just to say I have an Epidemiology exam on 9th May and I really really REALLY must concentrate and revise. There's a lot of rote learning of definitions, formulae and uses or advantages/disadvantage type information which I did think had gone out of fashion but there you are, I have to sit an exam where the questions demand just that. Even though any sane person would look it up in a book or google it these days.
 So I have to go NOW and can't stay to chat , enjoy the pics, they're a mix of food, crochet and London visit. And celebratory FLOWERS, in all their glory. Can you guess which wool-shops in London ( there's a clue) have been featured here?

 BYE! Back after 9th. I do this now so I will NOT be tempted to blog a bit this weekend......
Now if only I could lock Ravelry and all other internet sites except the University I can't go looking at patterns or checking up on the wpi of a wool or yarn, etc etc.

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