Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bohemian Rhapsody : Scarf pattern found!

Do you remember me falling in love with the scarf Anne wore on the British sewing bee?
Well via a look at the Simply Crochet magazine site to see if they have a preview of issue 6 up which is released later this week I found they had a link to the site below: IT'S A KIT!
Sorry the photos won't cut and paste so you'll need the link to see what I mean. I'll have to start saving up!

Very pricey in a way but oh so beautiful! I've been having some ''issues'' this week and with my poor dear car in the car hospital I'm hoping she'll be back soon to carry me about in the South East.
I have finished the sleeves on the red angora tonight but no photos yet so that will come soon.
It's half term and end of May, very nearly June but the incessant rain and the grey dark days and the cold mean we have the heating on AND I could happily wear this angora extra warm cardigan TODAY!
I have worn 3 coats in the last 3 days and all 3 are soaked through as I walked to/from town while my car is being repaired. Here are some views and flowers from our garden taken in sunnier days before 9th May.

 Our baby self seeded chestnut tree is getting BIG!

a walk with Lucy who was frightened by these inquisitive cows....

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