Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lucy antics

This was just a few days ago, there was a piece of wood on the piano that we had rescued from the jaws of ''Lucy the destroyer'' and which she had liberated from our log basket.....
Here she is having been carried down with the washing in the laundry basket, because she now scales our new stairs barrier- 55cm high! with ease.

And then there's her penchant for sitting or playing in the bay window..... We keep moving the sofa away from the window and she carries on jumping across wider and wider gaps.....
SEE? I like it on here.
I feel right at home.
Yes, I'm really happy and this is before my coat was ''plucked''.

Am I not supposed to be on here then?
I got up here but I can't get down, it looks so far?

Are you sure I'm not allowed up here?
Goodnight folks, applecakes recipe and some fingerless gloves in crochet to follow soon! Got to get some sleep, my swine flu vaccination is kicking in and I'm feeling exhausted.

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