Friday, 20 November 2009

It's official: I'm IN PRINT!

TA DAH!!!!!Oh my dears it's been an incredible week and I have been skipping around the house for joy and daydreaming and simply NOT getting on with the '' jobs that need doing''!
Here is my pattern!!! The very simple but effective phone cosy in Issue 5 of Inside Crochet.
Haven't they made it look good?! I still prefer the variegated interpretation but this does kinda look classy.
My issue came yesterday as I 'd taken out a sub at Aly Paly but I hadn't expected it until Monday. There's LOTS of lovely patterns too: the mukluks for example BUT I have a MOUNTAIN of crocheting still to do/ on hand already!!! Currently: a cowl, baby bootees for a friend and a scarf ( for me? possibly- in more Ba TAT and in amaaaazing colours that make it PURE JOY to stitch with.
Then there's 3-4 jumpers and cardigans that I either have the idea and the yarn for OR have already started!!!!( oops remember the raspberry chocolate brownie cardigan for my daughter???)
EEEEK and there's stitching on my beloved PFAFF to be done too, been'' constructing fabrics '' today: 4 hours of it and it FLEW by. Bonding and weaving mostly but now those 3 samples need a bit of STITCH.
Before I dash off back to those- urgent- baby bootees: let me tell you about a few links:
You simply MUST look at the crochet portraits by JO HAMILTON!!!
SEE here.
And for a fun project: visit the Royal Sisters on the OZZIE blog and do the twinkly granny star tutorial!!! HERE.
For both of these I have to say thanks to Lucy at Attic 24- see sidebar for link- as she posted the links on her blog late last night.
Got to go now, hope to show you these bootees tomorrow: they're for a baby boy.

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