Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bright Puppy and finished bootees

Ta dah! Both puppy and bootees finished today! This pup is in 100% DK cotton and in bright colours for (a baby and ) mother who are very partial to bright colours.... I'm guessing her about the baby as it's not been born yet but when I had mine I remeber reading that babies see bright colours better so my nursery was always in the primaries: Yellow, Red and Blue!

I gave him/her a big smile but it's not easy to see....
There it is! Very a la ''snoopy'' don't you think?
The red ribbon in the local shop didn't quite match the wool, neither did the blue or the green so I've chosen this orange organza ribbon which tones/matches the orange wool....
It isn't ''too girly '' is it?
I'll be posting it tomorrow. Meanwhile when I SHOULD be doing course-work I got distracted by the scarf/hat/mittens needed for the OperationChristmas Child Appeal: see also here where I did the same ( almost) last year.. In fact I couldn't remember the pattern so I had to look it up on my old blog! LOL.

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww so now I see the little gifts here on your blog....they are waaaaay more cute in real life let me tell you!

    And no, not too girlie. I am about to decorate the nursery..' the walls and woodwork are all plain white and the colour will be bright's on furniture, pictures, curtains, textiles etc. So you have guessed spot on for my taste in baby things :o) we don't do pastels or neautrals in our house!!!

    Love to you