Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Colourful inspiration from nature

Bunting AGAIN! This time it's turned RED! Just a quick foretaste of what is yet to come...
This same bush / tree/growth was seen as all green bunting, leafy glorious bunting on.26 October 2009, here.
Monday and Tuesday this week was foggy, but I kind of liked it as it gave the walk a mysterious and adventurous mood.

Lots of mud too. Many towels have now been re-allocated to the doglets for rubbing down and rubbing most of the mud and wetness off. Lucy thinks it's a game and attacks the towel with vigour, tearing it -almost- every time.
Teasels: pretty to see but a right p.i.t.a.( insert words as appropriate) to pull out of doggy-furry-coats! Pips especially has a knack of collecting them onto the back of her front paws.
Me - thinks there be a drawing in there somewhere though! Funny how dark it seems too, this was at 9 am in the morning!
There you are, the light is back again. I just HAD to capture these reflections- for later drawing again- and it took a great few takes too, the first 3 were black! Had to turn the flash OFF.
No blue skies today, all grey but it's sunny in my heart and my soul is singing, because I'm going to do ''arty'' things all day!
Yellow berries. Never seen a tree like it? Felt like I was in Provence?
And then, and THEN: I spied the BUNTING TREE!!! WOW what GLORIOUS COLOURS!!!
So here is a small selection of what I photographed....Sorry if it's too much? I just LOVED it so very much , you see? Makes your heart and soul soar and sing!
So many colours and so many tones and shades and combinations of green,red,orange,yellow and browns.
Here we're at the yellowing end with a tiny bit of green still remaining.
Red to red-orange!
Bye bye ''bunting bush/tree''. I have to go look up what you are actually called: you know, botanically speaking.
At home I spent the day drawing, playing the piano ( lesson today) and finishing the hat and scarf for the Christmas box: I'll show and tell tomorrow?

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