Thursday, 5 November 2009

Crochet WIPS and some monoprinting

These striped baby bootees are not quite finished in that I need to go buy the ribbon- red I think? or maybe orange if it matches- to go round the ankle...
Like 'm? They are from Crochet Unravelled the book, although I got the pattern when it was printed in a magazine. I have made them many times before but not in stripes and not in 5 colours!!!
My girls have requested a larger version- size 2.5 and 5 UK!!!_ as mukluk slippers.......
I'll have to work on that... with suede soles I think? and many more colours in the leg part?
And here's TED in his partly completed Santa suit. The trousers fit perfectly- albeit a little stretched across his bottom as he has a wee tail!!! I hadn't realised this before. The jacket will have sleeves of course and white furry collar and cuffs as well as furry trim on the hem of his trousers. I was going to give him a furry hood but I think now it'll be a separate Santa hat.
This is some of the monoprinting I did at College, this one based on seedhead drawings....Some playtime cutting and weaving...Some more printing- continuous flowery scribbles

And more seedheads but with a finer mark- maker.
And finally a zigzag or was it waves on a choppy sea?
Then today I have been drawing : 4 drawings in just under 2 hours: excercises from the DRAWING on the RIGHT side of the BRAIN book.....
Some of it was quite stressful as I find it very challenging so an hour off for some crochet was VERY WELCOME!
Tomorrow I'm off to London and will be crocheting on the train: more puppies: this time in cotton and in bright colours.....for a special baby.....Can you guess who?

PS Crochet Unravelled is the name of a booklet with crochet patterns and is available from Amazon as usual. I'll try to post the link next time?
The santa suit pattern will be appearing in my MISI shop or on the blog very soon!
Have a happy stitchery day and weekend, ENJOY!

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