Sunday, 22 November 2009

Clever crochet

Wowee!!! This is Stripey Stewart and my younger daughter made him!!! CLEVER eh?
He's from Kids Learn to Crochet by Lucinda Guy.
Miss Y learned to crochet a year ago or more and had made a scarf and blankets for her toys but this was her first project where she followed the pattern and finished it in an afternoon.
HIP HIP HOOORAY!!! She's oooh so pleased- as am I and ever so ever so EVER so PROUD.... These are not clever, just cute?
In fact they were the opposite of clever because I started a pair at 10 pm in another blue and had 3/4 finished the second bootee when the blue yarn ran out......
I wanted to give them to a friend the next day so I was up till 2 am remaking a new pair once I'd found this turquoise wool....

Now these ARE clever: clever ladies from OZ who designed them and put an AMAZING tutorial or 2 on their blog HERE.
Ran these up last night to have them greet my girls at breakfast! Getting in the mood for Christmas now....!!! Thanks to attic 24 who showed those lovely stars and the link on Friday....
Twinkle granny STAR!

I discovered this tree when I went back to the star tutorial last night and HEY PRESTO surprise!!! Another tutorial with another great motif to make X-massey garlands with, or tree decorations, or window decorations, or if you made the tree in 3d.... and very BIG?!
OK you can laugh. Is good for you. Have a good week!
Applecakes and Lucy antics to come soon I promise.
Happy Hooking!

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  1. Your Grandma Twinkle and Grandma Tree looks glad you like the tutorial...
    and thank you so much for sharing the Grandma goodness...