Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Less than 14 days COUNTDOWN

Hiya how are y'all? Had my day in Windsor today so did lots of machine stitching but no crochet.
It's was wonderful even including the- I'm so terrified I shake all the way there- drive there, but nothing to show and tell with you just yet.
13 Days today or 2 weeks from YESTERDAY - depends how you look at it-my patterns will be in the published issue of Inside Crochet!!! It's getting terribly terribly exciting! There was a thread on Ravelry about it and a preview is imminent so I dare show just a few pictures..
Teen shawl they call it, but it's just a little scarf really, Miss E absolutely LOVES it and wears it to school most days. Mine is made in a super soft but affordable hand-dyed sockwool called: BA T'AT : this is the colourway: BUDS OF SPRING and it takes just one skein, available from Create! See tab of blogs on the right side bar below- and NO!!!! I'm not getting any remuneration from any of this free advertising or promotion.... The fringe is another sockwool: A Norwegian one from the Black Hills shop in Henley.

For the magazine I had to remake it in BFL from the hand dye-ing chap in London, Easy Knits.
The fringe is in the bamboo mix which was lovely to work with: sooo soft! ( pricey though)
My other pattern is a phone cosy, which again I had made for Miss E ; so she can cycle about with her friends and keep her mobile phone handy. ( round her neck under a sweatshirt)

This one in Rowan Summer Tweed was for the magazine. AAAh no not for my preteen as she hates pink!

This one below is my preferred version: in a variegated thick cotton from Schoeller and Stahl.
The Knitting Hut in Woburn Sands do something very similar from Katia I think.
Which reminds me: remember that pom pom scarf in turquoise and grey ''AZTECA'' yarn?
Here it was, well The Knitting Hut now import this LOVELY brand called KATIA and they HAVE lots of AZTECA in stock in many amazing colourways so you can make the same scarf now....Well in another colour , because the grey/Turg is no longer available....
Ta dah?!!! What do you think?

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