Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Things to be GLAD about

On Sunday it was just the most marvellous day: and I couldn't wait to get out for a good walk in the countryside...
More of this below, after the walk JJ took the girls swimming so that I could relax( for this read cook a really special dinner) and I watched a few snippets of ''POLLYANNA'': you may remember I saw this in full in the last Christmas holidays I believe?!
Always makes me cry.
Anyway Pollyanna plays the ''gladness game'' which is a game where whatever ill befalls you, you find the silver lining to your particular cloud.
Now I won't play it properly yet- partly because no ill had happened , so here are 3 things I am glad about:

1. My family and that includes both dogs. They always add something to the days and make me smile or cry for joy....
2. The English countryside with all of it's glorious beauty and variety.
3. 2 C's (or even 3!) CROCHET, my COURSE in textiles and my CAR ( to get me out and about into the countryside! and elsewhere)
What a great BLUE sky!!!And the leaves are golden in this bright sunlight on a November afternoon. Dashing through leaves in the fairy dell..... We're at the ASTON ROWANT nature reserve.
The view from the top: looking left....
Pippa in her element.

Lucy hunting for rabbits...
A sheep! I had to wait quite a while before he decided to look round I can tell you! HAD to have this as it links in with the drawing I've been doing.
Mushrooms on a tree.

Pippa found a stick/log to chew...YUM YUM
Looking up from down in the fairy dell, where kids play and dogs do ''puppy dashes'' through the leaves.
And tree climbing of course! More mushrooms: 2 types can you see? Flat topped purpley lilac ones to the right of the more obvious ones...

Stunningly BEAUTIFUL the woods were that afternoon! All the trees dressed in mantles of golden lace. Shimmering, sparkling gilt dancing in the breeze overhead.
Bliss. Pure Bliss.
Home to bake a salmon coulibiac: loosely based on Delia Smith's Fish collection cookbook, my version coming soon!

More things to be glad about:
Good health- so easily taken for granted?
Piano lessons and a piano- I just love love love learning this- even though it's sooo hard!
Food: any type and all of it!
Water, tea and all other drinks- always in plentiful supply.
Home and garden and BOOKS! ( and computer with internet access....)
Music and singing and radio ...
Art and............ OK I'LL STOP NOW !!!
What about you? What are YOUR top 3?

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