Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Santa Bear wishes all a HAPPY ADVENT

Wishing all and every one of you visiting here a very Happy Advent!
Little bear ( 25 cm) is wearing a crocheted santa suit which I will share as a pattern on Etsy or MISI very shortly!!!
At present I have a few orders from the mums at the school....For ready made ones that is and there's lots of homework and catch up work to be done for my textiles course so this is a very short postie I'm afraid.
Yesterday was amazing - even driving in that frost on overcrowded motorways( !!!!) : I kept being THRILLED by the BEAUTY of the frost on the countryside all around me.... And today was a MAGICAL misty day on the morning dogwalk- the photos will follow later this week I promise!

Bye for now from Jojo bear and the ancient advent calendar: made by me in 1999! The caption on the back says: finished on 21.11.1999..... So that's it's 1oth year of service distributing chocolates to my girls on every morning of December ( well up to the 25th that is)!!!!
2 chocolates per pocket and hand picked every year. This year it's ''celebrations'' and ''chocolate orange variety slices'': beware of the sugar rush: hyper choccie kiddies every morning this month!!!
It's a tradition they have loved for many years now and for us adults the tub is on the fridge: it's mini Toblerones this year: YUMMY!!!!
Wishing you a Happy Advent and a calm and joyful preparation time for CHRISTMAS.

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