Thursday, 3 December 2009

Magical Misty Morning

This was yesterday morning as I set out to walk the dogs. Today it rained heavily. But yesterday was MAGICAL. You wouldn't believe that the above is the same set of trees pictures before as autumn colours would you? They're in a faraway land, misty and magical , dreamy and peaceful.
At 7 am in our garden it was just beginning to become light and the birdsong was spectacular!
Again the same here at 8.45 in Cuttlebrook: there was this little robin in one of these trees and his song was just beautiful, lyrical, wonderful. A joy to the ears.
The sun is trying it's best to shine through the mist. Skies are blue, oooh so very very BLUE.
Above the mist that is.
I'll say no more: imagine a stillness except for joyous birdsong and enjoy the dreaminess of the morning.

Lucy bounding over the wet grass.
Lucy galloping back to me: her re-call is amazing.

All is quiet, all is still. The stream is like a mirror.

Until a yellow labrador goes swimming in it! Lucy watches entranced but not tempted to join in.

Ripples further downstream, labrador ripples.....
BOO! You can wake up now, there's drawing to be done: aren't these branches striking?! The greens, the striping, the shadows, all of it. Drawing to be done....
News of an exciting trip tomorrow and I have the fingerless gloved pattern written up at long last!!!
Happy dreaming/ crocheting/drawing!!!

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