Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas present preview: TA DAH!!!!

Did I mention that 2009 is a very DIY Christmas? Did I? And I remember mentioning that 10 years ago I made stockings, an advent calendar and lots of sewn stuffed X-mas tree decs all from Rose and Hubble printed design kits from the sewing shop that we still had at that time in Thame... Long gone now alas.
Now you see my youngest is only 9 and she has ''made do'' with ''my'' stocking for all these years where I had quickly sewn a personal- daughter-name label over the holly leaf which stated ''mum'' on it.... This year we agreed it was time she had her very OWN stocking.
So luckily I had bought the fabric ( for some spares)- like you do- all those years ago and it has been in our beloved: ''treasure trove'' attic for the past 10 years. It was supposed to be a teddy on one side and patch work on the other but miss chose patchwork on both sides so I have been quilting almost all day yesterday and little miss helped sew the lining and sew it together:
SEE ABOVE! Her very own named stocking at last.
Then all that quilting got me thinking.... And I had some wadding spare: as I'd bought this especially to make the stocking. ( the mice had eaten the wadding in the attic)
And and and..... BANG! I had an idea and then got sooo gripped by this that I spent all last night : evening and into 3am- ness and most of today making THIS!!!
I AM SOOO EXCITED: I'm really happy and pleased how it's turned out!
My very own Liberty print crochet hook roll.

Ta daaaaaah!!! It's to be wrapped and put under the tree and I'm very grateful for the help the girls and JJ gave me with cooking dinner and shopping and walking the dogs so to release time for me to sew!
I quilted the Liberty print Tana lawn in this lovely classic Art Nouveau print and then made the separate red polka dot lining with all the hook pockets.

I made it full width of the 90 cm wide fabric and it has 28 hook pockets and a small pocket for scissors with a gingham ribbon to tie the scissors on with and room for a tape measure and gauge ruler.
And 2 D-ring tabs to keep my stitch markers safe and handy with the hooks.

It turns out I have more than 28 hooks- once we started looking for them- in jam jars or under sofa some sizes snuggle together. A long flap at the top stops them falling out.

I may add a few red felt squares to keep wool needles handy for finishing and sewing in ends , but I have only just thought of that so it will be a later addition.

It looks terrific from the side also! A Crochety Christmas Rose!
I am so excited about this present and I had the fabrics sitting in my ancient stash!
It's like someone has bought me a ''Cath Kidston'' inspired crochet hook roll!!!!
I love luv loooove almost ALL CK bags you see and had been having a really bad case of the saddle bag ''wanties''.......
Now what about my very boooring 2010 diary? Shall I crochet a cover or sew a quilted one and if the latter shall I do patchwork or use fabric ''as is''?
Decisions decisions!
Tony Robbins would be proud of me for I've been excercising my'' decision making muscles''...
''Tune'' in later to see the outcome!
Have a GREAT Christmas!!!

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment and you too, a Happy New Year to two and fourlegged!

    Anna x