Friday, 18 December 2009

SNOW on the last- and thus cancelled- day of school in 2009

SNOW!!!There's LOTS of SNOW!!!!! ... is the cry that awoke us this morning: VERY excited children dancing around in PJ's. Here is the table ''laid'' with a snowy tablecloth ....
Oooooooooh I'm sooo excited says Miss E ready to go outside to play: we just heard her school is closed on the radio...Santa let her have her new down gilet early and I made the hat, pattern will follow soon!

Too cold for the fingerless gloves today.... no good for making snowballs!!!
Miss Y in her Santa down gilet too, hers was chocolate brown, very cosy. So cosy she didn't feel the cold while making a Snow Angel....
Can we come in now? Time for HOT CHOCOLATE!!! And daddy made a lovely log fire too: Bliss!

TA DAH! This is the finished tote or bag for Miss E, she is sooo pleased with it, it almost got hi-jacked to go to school yesterday!!! Oh no! Santa said you have just a week more to wait!
Santa merrystitcher is not sure if it should have been 6 cupcakes, in 3 tiers? a 3 THEN 2 THEN 1 arrangement? or should I have added some words? Like YUMMY?
Not sure , I have my doubts but not too bad for a first effort? I do like it?
Definitely the fish are OK! Much better with BUBBLES!

And inside we have a large zippered pocket, a ring with tab for keys and a mobile phone/sunglasses pouch all sewn into the lining.....PHEW! It closes totally with velcro.
One happy present finished and many more to go! Bag, stocking, scarves,oooh too much to mention I'd better get on with it.
Bye for now, Pippa checking progress of the postman in the snow. Been baking so will share a recipe tomorrow: savoury oatcake bites!

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