Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A home-made Christmas

We're in the Christmas mood: ooh yes indeedy! Been wearing this ol' jumper all day now, a wonderfully warm garment made by yours truly some 20 odd years ago....
It's my own design, a patchwork of assorted traditional Scandinavian fair -isle motifs and an exceedingly comfy baggy A-line cut. Purwool mostlyYeoman yarn:4 ply with some chenille which isn't lasting so well: there are quite a few bare patches....
Don't you just LOVE luv luv the dancing reindeer???!!!LOL
This was an early present from my mum: a new sewing machine to use for my course as my old 1471 Pfaff had met with an accident- a running child knocked it onto a concrete floor and the floor won- and was no longer safe or reliable alas.
This is a very basic machine and I miss my needle threader, ''my needle down'' button and the warning light when the bobbin is about to run out but other than that this one sews like a dream!
Bought for free machining of course so there was no need for any fancy stitches.
The anniversary bouquet 5 days later and still not yet sketched!!! Ooops. We haven't celebrated yet as JJ is still very up and mostly VERY DOWN about the business and what we are going to live on in January..... Last proper paypacket as an employee: 28 December 2009.
It is therefor to be a HAND MADE Christmas : starting with these window decorations: part star and part snowflake they come from a post at attic 24 see sidebar for the link. I have made over 24 of these now, I prefer them in the cotton and have been stiffening them with 50/50 PVA/H2O overnight in the airing cuoboard neatly stretched and pinned out on the styrofoam that came in the box of the new sewing machine.... Wrapped in clingfilm of course in case of sticking....oh no that would never do!
From my stash of white craft cotton and red 4 ply or chenille and using PVA from my course materials stash: these have cost us nothing, nada, NJET nad YET..... they are so PRETTY!!!
i like them best against the green hedges and ivy... Against a grey sky is not so goood.
Then the last 2 days I have been crocheting a scarf/shawl for one miss and making a bag for the other....
Here's a peek at the progress:
Applique fishes on one side: I loved doing the bubbles!

and CUPCAKES on the other side!!! YUMMY, I just want to pluck a cherry and EAT it!!!
Talking of eating: I personally do not care so much for mince pies... BUT give me some STOLLEN and I'm in HEAVEN!!!
Thus far I have tried and tested a small one OELEN STOLLEN from W'rose and it was sooo DELISH it lasted less than an hour!!! Rum soaked and just the right amount of marzipan......
And then there were these ''stollen bites'' : 12 I thought would last a wee while but no!
All gone same day: both JJ and Miss E helped on that though.

I even made a proper lining !!! With a zippered pocket and a tab/ring for keys AND a sunglasses/ mobile phone pocket too. Never did that before so although it was a bit stressy and a bit boooring ( unlike applique which is FUN) i PERSISTED and it's turned out OK!
Got to do the tah dah tomorrow as the camera battery is flat again.
Oh deary me past midnight again, must go! Will turn into pumpkin very shortly.
Miss E missed bus Monday and almost missed it Tuesday as both days JJ said he's take her, so I set my alarm a bit later than usual: turns out I'm the only one who can HEAR an alarm.
Everyone else needs to be woken up by ME!!!
Back to waking at 6.30 am then, roll on Christmas holidays!! Only 2 sleeps to go.

Hope your Christmas/ Festive Season preparations and decorations are going well? Come see me tomorrow and I'll show the bag and the stocking I'm making?

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