Thursday, 29 October 2009

Two puppies made: a brother for Bobby

'' Will you lick or sniff that ladybird first or shall I do it?'' '' Do you think we can eat it?''
Here's Bobby's first brother. How come they are so different? Same pattern, same colours, almost the same yarns...Same maker. Brian has wool ears and tail and a crocheted nose, not an embroidered one... His muzzle seems longer, but maybe it's all in the stuffing?

They can both sit and both have a big smile on their muzzle.

Brian is more thoughtful, introspective, a careful planner....
And this is Pippa: post grooming parlour. Such chiseled features, aaaah.A little fuzzy as she wouldn't sit still, this is the best I could do today. She's in the middle of a pseudo pregnancy and wakes us daily at 4 am for some cooperative nest-building. Demands my presence as I was there for her first true whelping. So much for extra sleep in half term!!!
Another lovely day, kids have been baking marshmallow cupcakes.......Just like they did in August! Visitors tomorrow and parties on Saturday, see you again soon maybe Sunday, maybe Monday?
Hopefully will have some more crochet to share!
Have a happy few days.

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