Monday, 12 October 2009

Autumn Morning JOY

What a morning! Thank you, thank you thank you! Having walked the dogs in such a persistent ''drizzle'' that you end up being soaked yesterday it was such joy to walk them in glorious autumn sunshine today! Could not resist these trees with the shiny red car so beautifully parked right in the middle. On second thoughts it would be better cropped to a tall slim rectangle? With less tree ? Will try that later.
What sumptious colours!!! All those reds and purples, then to almost black and brown : I must have taken 20 or more pictures and this is one of the best- possibly?
Just showing off the lovely pointy 5 petal shape of these leaves too. And then there was this weird yellow ''window'' in the composition???
In a different light the reds are sharper, less pink, less purple and more brown? I'll move on .
Some clever planning person put all these trees in a neat row: lovely contrasts.
Lucy pulled me to a differnt path from our usual route and THIS was on the way. I imagine little green fairies just behind those trees....MAGICAL.
This I feel will be turned into one of my embroideries very soon....On we went and across a bridge. Lucy played with other dogs and attracted a large Doberman- we think she may be starting her first season.( He was a boy and very interested in her) There she was on her back waving tiny paws at him, very funny.
Aaah another embroidery, definitely, do you like the composition? I do, LOVE those diagonals! Not my doing of course, clever nature. How come the reflected blue sky is blue-er than the sky?
Magic around every corner, this one will get an ''impressionist'' treatment I feel....EEEEEH! I'm getting all excited and shivery, I can imagine the threads, colours and stitches...Bits of chopped up fabric...Must get to my machine soon! I wonder if it will be up to it? My dear Pfaff has had an accident you see and stitches rather sporadically and eclectically now.
All this machine stitchery excitement was re- awakened at the Knitting and Stitching Show in London on Saturday and I have - just a few- photos to share about that soon! BIG THING is that I have decided to do- if they'll have me- the Stitched Textiles course at Windsor from next October so I have to get my socks on and finish my C&G level 3 machine embroidery diploma : toute suites!!! I am probably about 55%-65% there....
And if I state it here in PUBLIC then I HAVE to do it don't I?!!!
Voila this is today's finale. THAT BLUE is for me the best ever blue, I can't get enough of it. There's my shadow on the left I should have cropped it, I know but it amused me. Lucy was there too a second before but she moved before she was recorded.
There was crochet on the coach to London so before I go all ''embroidery'', there'll still be some crochet to share soon too!

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  1. Stunning atumn colours! Love your happy autumn pictures!

    Anna x