Thursday, 8 October 2009

Conkers and fridgecake, magazine inspiration

Fridgecake: Yummy scrummy! More of this later.
CONKERS! We did well in the end and this is a small selection of our pickings.

Ha ha now laundry is sooo much more fun! I used to have this enormous whicker logbasket and all the laundry ( and toys and unworn clothing etc) got chucked in by one and all and I had to sort it several times a week to identify which load to wash next etc etc Boooring.
Now I have invested in 3 lovely new laundry baskets: Crisp clear white for whites, Royal papal purple for darks and coloureds and a pale blue( not shown) for bedding and towels( boil wash).
As soon as one is full I can take it direct to the machine and voila: more time to enjoy the better things in life: like crochet or reading.....
Of course I'm still working on educating the members of my family but we ARE getting there!
And these 3 take up the same room as my elderly logbasket which has moved to it's rightful place by the open fire! Nights are getting colder after all. The Liberty bag holds all my pegs and it's been a joy to have been able to dry washing in the garden for all of September!
This was my happy haul in late September! I'm still enjoyong them all. How about THIS AMAZING BUS!!!! Miss E wishes THIS was the bus that takes her to school....
These mukluks are in the NEXT isse( #5) of Inside Crochet : aren't they beautiful? I'M IN LOVE!!! I was tickled pink by this picture....What can we feed such textured lips? Fridgecake!
Now I have to admit this is another recipe from the whicked-but-wonderful- Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook.
This is how their slices look: tempting? Well YESS SIREEE!
Miss E had been haranguing me for weeks for me to make this so I finally gave in:
2 packs of digestive biscuits and a load of raisins...
Almost 2 ( WHAT TWO??!!!) entire packets of BUTTER and oodles of golden syrup and cocoa.....
( Gosh I was really surprised it didn't use real chocolate...)
Combine the two really well and weight down with all the cans you can muster...
Then when it's cooled, deposit in fridge for as long as possible: try to play deaf to the many cries of: IS IT READY YET? CAN I CUT A SLICE?
We cut ours into small-ish squares due to my phobia of what so much butter would do to us and then they just flew out! I made this on a Friday and a week later it was all gone. And there was loads and loads of it....
They do look a bit like the book don't they?
P.S. Do not take out to take on walks or late treats on a warm-ish day as it goes very gooey and sticky and drops crumbs EVERYWHERE. Best eaten straight from the fridge.


  1. luv the bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and that fridge cake looks to die for!!!!!
    love the boots to!!! you hav the coolest pics!!! luv your blog

  2. I have to try those!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!
    I went farther in the posts : I love your colour-joy blanket!