Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Bumbling day

Today is a kind-of-a bumbling day I have decided. Alas to bumble is not in my Concise Oxford Dictionary so I will attempt to explain. Quiet contemplative and very spontaneous in terms of activities. Play nice music in the background and make a few things and/or bake or/ and mop a few floors and then daydream with a cup of tea followed by some crochety-playtime?
If and it IS a BIG IF at the moment: I can work out HOW to do it( not terribly teccie IT minded)
I am going to load the above crocheted fingerless gloves pattern onto Ravelry as a free download.
In case you may be interested I will post the link in a following post and you'll need : 2 balls of DK wool and 1 ball of Hummingbird 4 ply from Artesano which is a lovely soft 100% alpaca. And a 4mm or 4.5mm hook depending on size required. Mine are very popular with both daughters as well as myself- for dog-walking see later.
Had some lovely hookey-playtime the other day and the above was some of it. And guess what??
It'll become a pattern in ISSUE 6 of INSIDE CROCHET magazine!!! I'm remaking it in another yarn delivery of which I am awaiting eagerly so keep your fingers crossed that the postal strike
a. Doesn't happen and is resolved amicably between all parties.( yes I dream)
b. Is resolved very quickly after commencement
c. Excludes Oxfordshire
d. Has a trial run in North Wales and is then abolished. ( oops sorry to all in North Wales)
e. Results in Richard Branson setting up his own ''freepost'' delivery company...As a charity to all craft presons....
Ok I've gone mad. Must stop and arrange my thoughts in some kind of order.
Walked the dogs early today. Lucy came into her first season a few days ago now. Just BEFORE I realised this was happening I walked her in our local nature reserve in the afternoon. OH OH.
I am now PERSONA NON GRATA with all dog owners in the vicinity of this park.
The tall tales of bitches on heat ARE all true after all! It never hapened with Pippa so I doubted the veracity.
Dogs came a bounding up and sat adoring by her side, while she- o- daft- one rolled over to have her tummy licked! Poodle,alsation,labrador,schnauzer,westie, sheepdog it made no difference.
Neutered or not, all males came to pay homage. In fact one alsation was forcibly removed by his owner to walk home on a lead..... Only to dash miles across town and back to the park when his owner let him off once they were home! He came right back to Lucy's side.
WOW! If only I could attract such adoration? Actually, no thanks. I'd rather be crocheting or embroidering.... Not that anything happened, Lucy was on a lead and I was right there by her side. She started ''showing'' a few days later.
Back to the point: I have been walking them in a far field where there are no other dogs until today when I thought I'd walk them very early: before 9 am.
Lucy constantly stretching ahead, eager to be off-lead and impatient to explore.
Pippa slow and reluctant, plodding along. Often just sits for a while. If taken off the lead she simply watches us walk around the reserve and waits until we walk past on the way back to be picked up to go home....
My wrists will shortly be joining my ankles!!! My arms are stretched so much daily. Here I am under the centre of a willow tree.
No colour outside- I don't like ''white skies'' much! Give me BLUE any day!!!
Here to cheer me up is an image by TON SCHULTEN a famous contemporary DUTCH artist .
This is on my ''mood board'' from a calendar of a year ago. See more of his excellent colourful style here. And finally as promised here is one of the Joseph Murphy books I was on about the other day.
This is quite absorbing and excellent at lifting one's mood. When I am home alone all day it can be good to have a read now and then.
Have a GREAT bumbling day, I'll bumble some more and go play the piano and read....
See you soon.
Post Script: TON SCHULTEN -For more colourful inspiration see his ''webwinkel'' at the link above.AAAh,OOOOH,

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  1. Hi. I am visiting your blog after your nice comment. Attic 24 is one of the first blogs I found. I have been blogging almost a year. My feelings are similar to the ones you described when I wandered around your BLOG a little bit. I like to know the story is out there somewhere even though only a couple of my friends are regular readers. I hope one day my grandchildren read and remember all the (mostly) fun we had. I really enjoy seeing how people in other parts of the world live their lives, particularly in England. I have a good friend who grew up there. I will have to ask him exactly where. I am not very crafty, but I love to cook. Recently got a Jamie Oliver cookbook. Nice to meet you. Shari Sunday