Friday, 2 October 2009

Cuttlebrook dewy morning- autumnal start to a day

This day in late September started with THIS in the post and then just got better and better....
Above is FUNFAIR in BA T'AT pure merino wool from the shop in Ilkley I have mentioned before in my Yorkshire holiday posts. I'd ordered some wool by phone and the colours were beautiful, but just not my cup of tea so they were ever so sweet and helpful and let me swap it for THIS!!!!AMAAAAZING! I LOVE IT.

Only problem is: so do both daughters.... Eldest particularly claimed it as hers for fingerless gloves/ arm warmers even though an earlier skein called BUDS OF SPRING is already a scarf she wears ALL the time..... The pattern for which , by the way, is coming your way on 20 November in INSIDE CROCHET magazine!!!!!!!!

I have to calm down. It's all so skippety hoppity exciting!
Ah. Quite a poor harvest of conkers so early on- well about Mid-September.
What's this then?
NO! Lucy you CANNOT eat conkers....She gave it a good try though.
We went for a very early walk: before 9 am. What a blue!!!! I just loved this sky and those silvery and white tones with the soft beige against the blue--oooh I feel a jumper or scarf coming on...
Flowers at this time of year?
Lucy: not on a lead: waiting patiently as asked to do by a ''WAIT and STAY'' .She's watching me take the photos above. Having galloped ahead. Sparkling silver dew: MAGICAL.
Capturing a dewy moment. The day is promising to be quite warm later....
Lucy jumping through all that wet grass: she's soaking wet and very happy.
A glimpse of glories ahead?
Lovely colours!
It will be even more red in a week or so. Still I like the contrast with the green and red together.
Nature knows a thing or two about colour theory!
Home again: sighing contentedly over such a skein of beauty.
Found some late roses in our garden....I wonder if Debbie Bliss has the same rose? I have seen some of her new wool- Autumn 2009 range- and it is EXACTLY this colour pink.
In situ, the kids trampoline in the background.
Oh no! Lucy saw me holding the rose and now she's decided to EAT it.
C'est la vie! It is still a magical day!
See you again soon. I have banana muffins and chocolate fridge cake to share later....

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