Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sunday Walk- Autumn

This was a Sunday walk on a gloriously sunny day on 20 September. We went where we went in May see this post- : starting at Little Kimble and walking up the track signposted South Bucks Way.

Pretty soon we came to this tree and the girls HAD to have a go at climbing and swinging while I admired the view .What fun!
The dogs too were glad to lie down and wait a bit after the climb. Quite content to wait. Oooh can you see that ladybird over there?
LOOK UP and SMILE! Hi mum.
And on we went after the ladybird had been examined, pots counted and put safely on a leaf where it would not be trodden on.
AAAAAAAAH. The view. I could wax lyrically but shall refrain, just look!
And turn your head a bit.....
Now the other way... mu- um have you finished snapping away yet?!
Yep, but oooh look those orange- yellow leaves against the blue sky!!!
This appeared sparkling gold in the bright sunlight, honest!
That's how far we came, the girls by now are up a different tree but it's in the shade due to it's leaves so no more pictures.

Same path a moment later- something happened to the light!
Onwards when we've walked along the Ridgeway for a bit.
This is an inviting path- maybe next time?!!
Back down the hill so as not to exhaust the puppy: in May these sides were clothed in blue: Borage galore everywhere.
Much delay due to Pippa wanting to explore these: rabbit holes. We had to tug and tug and tug to convince her to come along home....
This one especially: can you see a rabbit? We thought we could.
Now THAT'S what a call a blast of autumnal colour!

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