Monday, 14 September 2009

Flapjack bonanza= flapjack follow up

Yep yes yess sss yes sir, sireee I have been baking those flipping fantastic, fabulosa flapjacks again! But I DID feel really really bad at not being able to post the recipes: coyright don't you know, so I did some surfing on your behalf- just in case you didn't have a flapjack recipe to hand.
The results fron google were in the many hundreds of thousands, but I would check out the section and also- surprisingly-
The latter have a'' sticky seeds & raisin flapjack'' that is very close to those I have been making.
It's amazing the variety out there in the ether! You can add an egg or some flour: self raising for some but plain for others or even ground almonds but the basics are always the same:
LOTS of oats and butter or margarine, some sugar- brown or muscovado is best- and some golden syrup or honey and possibly any dried fruit or seeds you fancy!
The above is the apricot version repeated but with all quantities tripled this time: it made 20 ''breakfast bars''. This was made on Saturday and by Monday 7 pm there are only 5 left.....
JJ absolutely adored the cranberry and raisin version and those were all gone by Sunday early evening. The girls never had a look- in. Sooo I made the above and honestly it takes less than 30 minutes to concoct!
You melt the butter or margarine and dissolve the sugar/syrup mixture over a low heat, then add the oats and dried fruit/seeds and press into a greased baking tin. In oven for 15-25 minutes and voila: flapjacks that everyone loves! And quite healthy too: depending on the type of margarine, the amount of sugar and those lovely seeds: I recommend sunflower and sesame!
I had no idea it was all so quick and easy! Mind you mine seem to crumble easily and aren't quite as chewy as shop- bought cereal/lunchbox bars.....Maybe have to change it around a bit or leave it in the oven a bit longer?
There IS the odd ''perfect'' bar as can be seen below. I calculated about 150 calories per bar when I made the ''20's'' batch.
One final whicked thought: on surfing I found SOME people drizzle them with melted chocolate...oooooh aaaaah THAT 'll be the weekend version!
I have finished one of the samples for the magazine and wil be writing up the pattern tomorrow but alas I can't share it with you yet... My other task is to continue to tackle the chaos that is a 9 year old's bedroom..... There's so much ''stuff''!!!
When I grew up I had ONE teddy bear who was very very VERY well loved and ONE doll: a baby doll as my mother did not approve of ''Barbie''. I had lots and lots of craft and art materials and a never ending supply of paint, paper , pencils and glue and I made lots of the characters I wanted to play with. Those paper dolls you dress with paper clothes ''hung'' onto their shoulders with paper ''tabs'' were my favourite and I spent lots of time drawing and cutting new clothes or drawing scenery for them to ''live'' in.
Now everything is ready made and plastic, many many ''ponies'' and Barbies- hardly ever played with- the ''go go's'' are the current craze so much so that they have moved into the wooden Noah's Ark she had as a Christening present. ( all bright painted wood and very lovely)
The poor paired animals are scattered far and wide: HOMELESS! and no longer in pairs. AAAAh.
Mind you she does make ''houses'' and ''shops'' out of shoe boxes for the latest craze- pony, bratz doll or gogo / whatever next to do their thing in so maybe not so much has changed after all?

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