Friday, 18 September 2009

Brownies and dogginess

This is the volcano batch of brownies with some icing sugar to entice the girls- not that they need enticing... These turned out thinner and wider and there were 12.( but not for long!)
Here is a little doggy-play of doggy interaction for you: I was entranced and amused and hope you will be too. Once upon a time there was a mat which Pippa often sunbathed on. This mat was chewed to near oblivion by puppy Lucy and this morning I was sweeping it all up to tidy the garden....
Pippa spots her fave mat in sunny position and takes ownership. ''Huh you woke me up!'' '' But mu-um I want to chew this corner a bit more, don't you see?''
Mum: yawning: '' come-on stop this now,look at the mess!'' ''mmm, me chew chew chew.''
''Look mum this bit smells grrreat: sniff, sniff, chew chew.''
''It's too hot in the sun, let me tug it to the shade?'' This is with mum weighing about 15 kg still sitting ON the mat and a slight 9kg Lucy doing all the pulling... ''I'm not moving: I LOVE the sun.'' '' If I get hold of it over here I can pull better...''
'' GRRRRR , you just remember who's pack leader!'' Pippa gives Lucy a quick nip on the ear.
And sits back in the sunshine.
Lucy, undeterred, carries on with the underside of the mat.
Rolls over to lie underneath it. Pippa stays grumpily in her sunny spot.
Peace restored both dogs enjoy different parts and aspects of the old mat. Sunbathing vs Chewing.
I was fascinated to watch this doggie interaction, I just love the way they behave with each other, sometimes gentle- like licking each others noses or inside the ears- and sometimes friendly ( curling up on the sofa together) but also occasional disagreements.

Time for elevenses and cutting the other batch of BROWNIES!!! Yummeeeeee!
Oh look! Lucy appeared within seconds as if by magic: butter wouldn't melt....
She's got her paws on the chair and that: ''ple-ease can I have one?'' look.
LOOK, SEE?! I'm a really really REALLY long dog: I CAN reach the TABLE!!!
This was Lucy at full stretch: standing tip-toe on her hind legs and trying oooh so very hard to reeeeeach.
EEEEK ! Yes she really DID almost make it to pinch one. It was a matter of a few inches.
Aaaah she had a dog-chew toy instead.
These brownies are strictly for humans only.

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