Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Knitting and Stitching Show 10.10.09

The day arrived quite suddenly and although I had ordered an entrance ticket I had not made any other plans when a very kind friend from the Thame S&B asked if I would like to join the coach organised by the Sydenham knitters and stitchers and so I did. And on this very roomy, very comfortable coach I crocheted little granny squares.
At the show I had a FABULOUS demo on screenprinting for just over an hour! And now I can't wait to have a go- but I still have a few things to get ready for this so it may be a little while before I blog my screenprinting efforts!
I also LOVED LOVED LOVED the CINDY HICKOK exhibition: her work is so clever and witty!!!
If you click on her name above you should be able to see some of her work?
She was there in person from the USA and really lovely to talk to!!!
Then the PFAFF exhibition took my breath away with my favourites being Cindy's car, the train/balloon and car with mountains and a viaduct- all in 3D!!! and the footprints in the snow.
The Theme was travel and the interpretations were very varied and absolutely fascinating.
I almost like the interpretation and words written by the artist more than the execution or the actual piece sometimes!
My sorrow was that so very many exhibitors and artists forbade any cameras at all even for private use only so unlike previous years I do NOT have 40 or more inspirational snapshots to keep me going until next year.
The knitting awards section had 2 CROCHET dresses in it by Pandora Bahrami from Nottingham Trent Umiversity and they were stunning.
Met my friends for lunch and then shopped a little- so much choice but not many bargains alas.
Then at 4.30 pm I was feeling jaded and had an urge to take some photos so these were all taken outside in the entrance hall....
A knitted sail.
A knitted boat
There it is!
In honour of all those anatomy lessons....I had to admire this EMBROIDERY of arteries and veins of the human body. Not quite anatomically correct but fairly close.
The famous window: to inspire many quilts? It's more colourful from the inside, I have a printed photo of many years ago... Have been coming here since at least 2003 or even earlier?!
Ah I do like a bit of architecture or grids/checks and stripes...
The curly silver ''barrier'' really caught my eye: I like it! Crochet this in a furry angora or mohair and it's a curly scarf! OK yes I maybe just a little insane, mad, crrrazy?!
Lovely views across London at 5.15 pm. one could see for miles and miles and.....
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? What is that person with the green rubbish shute on their house having done to their house/roof/attic? They must have the builders in!
Bye bye London!
Then on the way home: NO crocheting got done as there was this MOST MAGNIFICENT SUNSET!!! oooooooh the golds, oranges, purples, greys, soft blues,reds and even yellows were to die for! I tried to capture some of it, but of course the coach drove so fast and my dear little camera could hardly cope. This is a tiny indication of what it was like, BUT the naked eye could see 100's more colours and in focus of course!


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