Saturday, 24 October 2009

Puppy amigurumi

On a windy, blowy, blustery day in Oxfordshire, but not in the 100 acre wood, a little puppy was born....Bobby!
As named by Miss E who instantly decided he was made for her...and her alone... Until Miss Y saw him and decided the same. He is however destined to be a Christmas gift in the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes....
He was started on Tuesday this week at the S&B where I completed his 4 legs and part of his body. On Wednesday he gained a completed body, 2 ears and a tail, part of his head soon followed. Today( Sunday) he acquired his muzzle and was assembled and completed.
Ta Dah!!!
He's not my own pattern: he's from the pattern called PUPPY PRAM STRING from the book Weekend Crochet for Babies by Sue Whiting. Available from most libraries or here.
I made him from DK pure wool with bamboo ears and tail and embroidered with DMC soft cotton. His tail and nose are my own slight variations as I wanted him to have a tail that could wag happily.
He is my FIRST attempt at a toy/amigurumi....I fell in love with the picture in the book and so he's been on my ''MUST DO'' list for quite a while now.
Hop, skippety,hop: I'm soo happy!!!Isn't he CUTE?! I can see I'll be making many more!
He may be a little overstuffed? I was concerned as ''as a puppy pramstring'' ( and thus pictured a-dangling) I was not sure he'd be able to stand by himself, but he can!
He's 9 cm high and 11 cm long, Up to his back is only 6.5cm.
3.5mm hook and it's all dc's ( sc's for USA)
I've already started on his litter mates...Black and tan,black and beige, beige and tan....Or maybe some in primary brights?! Yellow,green and blue? Red,blue and orange?! These latter ones would NOT be for the operation Christmas child- might frighten the kids- but my kids and their friends would be OK with it.
I feel a dachshund variation coming on: shorten the legs, lengthen the body( and slim it down a bit), longer tail, squarer longer snout ( or muzzle) and who knows?!


  1. OOps I forgot to say: have a really lovely crochety weekend!!!We've had family fun with FIMO today as the first day of the holidays and will tell all soon!And there was a rainbow today at sunset: truly amazing...

  2. Hi,
    just seen this last entry, I FELL in love as well with the's really so sweet!
    I think I'm gonna make something similiar for my daughter's bag, maybe adding a ring.You're really good at what you do, seem to have always many original ideas,lucky you!
    Keep up the good work!
    Annalisa from Italy

  3. Love your puppy and the idea with litter mates!

    Anna x