Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Autumn leaves

Do you remember this row of trees? I took a picture here. It's a few weeks later and the colours are changing, some are even better, brighter now.
And this is the red Boston Ivy which with all the blustery blowy winds we've been having is no more, the red leaves are all on the ground.

It's been a lovely homey- kind of 2 days. The kids have made things with Fimo, trampolined a lot, built a den in Miss E's room and then spent many giggly hours playing in it. Miss E tried to teach Miss Y piano and vice versa for some cello too. Alas I have been poorly with a chesty cough and seemingly endless shortness of breath with frequent recourse to the Ventolin remedy and not enough energy for a trip to London. However mums cannot be ill, ever and especially not in half term ....
So we DID still have a quick and highly entertaining trip into Oxford , having chatty and observant girls sitting at the top of a double decker bus makes one feel alltogether better for a while! And of course the dogs still need their 2 good walks a day....
JJ said that a good show of berries means a harsh winter to come, but I hadn't heard that before?
If it's true, then oh dear oh dear, I'd better crochet up a storm of more blankets and jumpers!!!
Such a pretty sight: aren't they? Just before they get picked in order to make a wish... I expect these in Spring not in Autumn? When Miss E was about 3 I was teaching her all the flower names on the way to nursery one day and the next day she said: ''Look mummy these are some mummy -lions!!!'' I was perplexed until she explained that they were right next to the daddy-lions.....( !!!!)Oooh for those lovely innocent days again...LOL
Today there were riddles and jokes and MUCH lovely leaf kicking as well as tree climbing, while the dogs searched for rabbits and did ''puppy dashes''.
Just as good, only different. I must say hearing them chat and giggle is pure joy.
The dogs sometimes run wildly in a circle and back again and Pippa did this through piles of leaves so she'd picked up on the girls' fun when kicking through the autumn leaves.( =puppy dash)
Then Lucy who had watched in amazement copied Pippa and then they ran about together.
It was unseasonably warm- not to say weirdly HOT when the sun came out- as it was 18 to 19 degrees Celcius today.....I was shivery and JJ stayed home with a temperature, but the girls were in summer t-shirts.
Lots of leaves, kick, rustle, kick.
And I'm not a yellows or orange kind of a fan, but on a sunny day with a blue sky these are just sooo glorious!!!

Pippa in long grass: Now you see her.
Now you don't.
And yes I cheated a little, I forgot my camera today and took these before Pippa was groomed a few days ago.
Late afternoon to relax all 4 of us, we went to see ''UP'' the film and very enjoyable it was too.
With 3D glasses on and sitting in the front row- we were almost too late and these were the only seats left- we all forgot our colds/headaches/sore throat/drippy noses....and cried and laughed or screamed with the characters and the action.
Puppy # 2 was finished today but no photo yet, it's interesting how similar and yet different they look. Tomorrow I'd like to crochet a santa suit for the above bear....
Depending on the sleep I get and the progress of shaking off this bug I'll share with you how I get on with it, real soon.
Have a happy hookey time !!!!

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