Monday, 26 October 2009

Sorting Out Day...

Aaaah, what do you think? A gloriously sunny day dawns ans I thought these leaves looked just like celebratory BUNTING!!! All those lovely triangles and sharp diagonals, and those greens....

Hip hip hooray the kids were singing this morning: first day of half term....
This didn't last long: we'd agreed to ''sort and organise'' Miss Y's bedroom in preparation for a new very grown up bed ( very studenty it can look like a sofa when nicely made up) and a proper grown-up 3 door wardrobe....
But to ensure there was room and to facilitate some throwing out and giving away ( to Oxfam) of outdated/unloved toys etc as well as lovely but ''too childish now'' books we had planned this as a sorting out day. ( supposedly all 4 members of family would work as a team?? LOL
Oh dear what dramas we have had! Miss Y ( like me alas) is a wee hoarder and found this a very testing and trying time. Then again she re-discovered soo many beloved toys and games that I could wrap them for Christmas and she'd be delighted!!!( No I won't be so mean but it is a tempting thought...) There were 2 huge baskets of stuffed cuddly toys, one of large ones and one of medium sized ones and then another smaller basket of the tiny ones....
And whose idea was it to give her an Argos catalogue??? Her Christmas list is already over 2 miles ( and no I'm NOT kidding) long!!! Apart form being a hoarder she had a massivley acute attack of the ''wanties''.

Happy dogs were a welcome relief I can tell you! Here's Pippa in her customary pose when meeting any human. She's in her cute cuddly teddy bear phase, but I'll take a new photo because she had her 3 hour stint at the doggie beauty parlour today and is looking rather different.

Magnificent but with a lot less hair....!!!All those blonde curls on her paws are gone. Lucy is still working on her dominance strategy and moves to the driving seat the minute I move out of it.''What do you mean you're back?I'm driving home today!''
OK OK, I'll come back and sit in the back, I don't want to walk all the way from here.

Tonight after dinner JJ was persuaded that his help would be appreciated as he had promised the entire day off, but had spent it in his office on the phone/ answering e-mails all day- WHY do blokes do this??? Promise and book a day off and then hide away from the domestic stuff by working anyway???

Luckily he was great at the tidying and speeding it all up and we were all cracked up with laughter as it HAD to be done in flashing pink spectacles!

He's measuring walls so we can decide where the new- much bigger and taller- wardrobe is going to go... And me too in silly glasses as it helps in the fun: looking rather tired as I was up at 5 am with a whining nesting Pippa....She demanded to be let into my workroom to curl up on some piles of fabric. That's the old 5 am so it was probably only 4 am? OUCH! I am finding myself very very tired by 7pm and don't like the dark afternoons we now have!!!

It always takes me ages to get used to British Wintertime even if it does give you an extra hour in bed, but I have no problems adapting to the Spring change.

I will try to alleviate these long dark afternoons/evenings by planning some intensice crocheting and film watching/ fireside times!!! It's too dark to walk the dogs, even if I have bought them ''blinkies'' : which are flashing lights for their collars.

Yes really! JJ declares the sorting and tidying to be complete and the pink flashing glasses absolutely essential.

I just hope the rest of half term is a bit more fun than this was, mmmmm.

Have a really LOVELY week and I may be a bit late or sporadic depending on how the kids are.

We've got shopping and creating, skating and visiting to do as well as a trip to London and some entertaining.

See you soon? Have fun!

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