Saturday, 16 November 2013

RUDOLPH says hello!

 Here he is! RUDOLPH from the simply Home made magazine issue 35.
Issue 36 came out at the end of October so you may enquire about back issues at
www.practical or e-mail them at
 Remember these parts that were partly made in hospital on Friday and then some at home?
 Well after a slow start today, late afternoon I got going on his eyes, nose and paws and arms...
Popped out with JJ for the red yarn this morning, slept after lunch and then some crochet as the eyes are still weepy and the nose and head are still hurting too. And repeated dizzy spells at the moment keep me sitting quietly...
I bought black safety eyes especially but when I tried to fix them in they kept popping through the holes in the crochet fabric and I gave up eventually! So little felt circles were embroidered in place instead.
 Aw, he's sooo cute?!!!
 And small....
 Antlers sewn to the back of his wee head.
 tummy pad sewn on, legs made and stuffed, arms made and pads sewn in place... Suddenly there he was!
 I made him from some spare Hayfield Bonus DK and the pale beige is Sirdar snuggly wool, the nose is King Cole Bamboo-cotton. I used a 3 mm hook as I hadn't taken a 2.5mm one into hospital with me.
 He weighs 44 g, all finished including the stuffing and he fits into the palm of one's hand.
 His head, stuffed weighed 10 g and hos paws/legs were 2 g each, unstuffed.  So you can imagine he only takes a few scraps of wool to make? The most challenging part of the pattern was the antlers, but also there were no stitch counts so never quite knew if you were on the right track...
Oh and I final tip: a stitch marker was essential at the start of every row as you keep spiralling on without it.
HERE'S  RUDOLPH ready for a HUG! 
We're having a
this year!


  1. Hi have been trying for several months to find out if you have a pattern for the crocheted soldier you had on you rblog in 2010 I think it was for the nutcrackers theme. P L E A S E let me know if you have thank you

    1. Answered by direct e-mail as well as that post addressed to Vi in October right here on the blog.