Saturday, 9 November 2013


 TA DAH! Pascal is finished!
 I had an urgent request and we dashed to Bicester to buy wool, Miss E decided and chose the colour but the yarn was too thick, I explained he'd be big, but she said OK.... well at the time she did!
 It's Sarah Horrock's pattern which you can buy on Ravelry. I used 130 g of the stylecraft chunky in meadow green and a 5 mm hook. He weighs 176 G so that must be the eyes, pipe-cleaners and stuffing  being 46g and the green yarn being 130g.
 If you're not in a hurry I recommend you make him in DK or even 4 ply and a much smaller hook say a 3 mm for DK and a 2 mm for 4 ply?  Then he'll be cute but appropriately small.
 He's got pipe-cleaners in all 4 legs and in his tail, but it was so long and heavy that I had to sew the curl in place.
 I love his toes, he had distinct 3 toes per foot. They were crocheted in but I also enhanced them by embroidering over the top making a V to pinch the toe out more clearly.

 He's going to the party with Tangled next Saturday but afterwards he'll be Miss Y's as she's fallen for him and wants him as an early X-mas present?!

 These are the toes before stuffing or embroidery.

 Took about a week of a little crochet in the late evenings to complete?

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