Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Love Memorial- 20 years ago...

This is not quite completed but more photos will not load at the moment and I'm on a time limit as I go into hospital for a little bit of surgery at 7 am tomorrow and I wanted this up..
So here it goes, but it's incomplete and my present feeling is just fear, plain, simple and severe.
Just scared ****less basically as I haven't had a general anaesthetic for very many many years.

It's 20 years, yes 20 YEARS ago that JJ and I started dating , just after a painful break up and separation from my husband of 10 years. My old University sweetheart who moved to Canada and caused such chaos in my thinking at the time. But I digress, we are not looking back to the 1980's but at 1993 , November just before the Bonfire night parties and the Christmas parties in North Wales.
Let's remember the red hot  passion, the romance the feverish connections and cuddles of that time?
There was the Valentine's Day surprise weekend in York, where the cleaning lady almost found us - giggling and laughing our heads off- in the shower together?
 And the hot week in Bodrum Turkey, where we spent as much time in the sun as in bed together? In fact we were outside the most in the warm evenings when we came out to walk the pretty streets and alleyways of Bodrum and search out a romantic restaurant to eat at? Sometimes it was a moonlit table set out on a pebbly beach?

 Or the day spent cuddling and swimming off a Gulet?
 And that amazing 2 weeks in Egypt, once we had moved in together and just after my first miscarriage?
Down the Nile on a cruise first and then lazing at a hotel and sight- seeing in Luxor? The tomb paintings and the statues.
Must have been 1997?
There was the silly evening smuggling pizza into the cinema in a rucksack in Llandudno?
The times we had to pull-over into a lay-by while driving somewhere to - well you can imagine?
Especially when coming down the Rhuallt Hill?
It puts a wee grin on my face just to remember those times...
A little statue we bought in Bath when we visited there BC ( Before Children) that is not necessarily noticed anymore, but summed us up perfectly. Soulmates. Entwined and passionately in love.

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