Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A little bit of crochet?

Phew peeps, I have read and studied and worked and travelled and read and read and read and e-mailed and so on, so much reading and so much desk work that I needed a break!
So here's to a tiny little bit of crochet I got to do today during the 2 hours of Poirot and a little crochet retail therapy that I enjoyed earlier in the week?
 This was late on Monday after I'd had a meeting near Waterloo and I can;t resist a quick de-tour to pop into I-Knit? This time I was tempted by a book: Animal Crochet by Mooncie and a Renate Fitzpatrick book on textured lace and I was carrying these to the check-out when I spotted an accessories interweave magazine and a FABULOUS trims book.... A quick swap and there you go... I loved this crochet throw by the way so the assistant let me take this photo! They have crochet at last at I-Knit and classes too!
 All that studying? Kept my place- before dozing off sometimes- with this lovely owl made by a friend who I taught to crochet! Whoopee, howzat?  Ok back to the retail therapy: THIS was the magazine...
 And LOOK! It says it's special issue 2014 when it's till only just November 2013?
Talk about getting it early?
 WHY did I buy it? Well, look see this hedgehog?! What an excellent photo!
 And these gorgeous cables?! Just like the ones I did on JJ's Christmas jumper for last year?!
 And a PARASOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Oh I can't wait to have a go, but where would I purchase the frame?!
 Loving this styling, very Dr Who?! Or Star Wars has landed in Victorian England?
 Now this felted bag is so very Orla Kiely?!! Nicer colours of course!
 Oh yes and then this was so unexpected it quite ''BLEW'' me away?!! I'd seen the ads and was not interested but looking inside and it became a '' MUST HAVE''?
 LOOK! Mini wreaths, so X-Massy! To me they look just perfect?
 And these poinsettias WILL be made by me before Christmas, I promise. Maybe in a much bigger scale?
 Cute n'est-ce pas?
 or quite adorable?
 And away from the Christmas theme these boats are such fun too.  And there was more that I'd best not show you yet.... Then tonight I played with some ART of Crochet yarn and motif #44 from Edie Eckman's book?!
 Round 1 and 2 but then I took out round 2 in blue and did it in cream...
 And added some lime green...
 And some teal green...
 And continued with the teal to the end.
 VOILA, it's going to be joined by others in similar colours to cover a canvas bag , which will become a project bag I think. It's quite big, might only take 4 or 4 plus 2 halves to cover one front panel of the bag?
And while I thought about it I carried on with PASCAL for Miss E , I now have a head, 2 eye balls, 1 head ridge, 4 feet, a tail and have begun the body? I have pipe-cleaner and stuffing in the rather ''lumpy'' tail...
I'll tell Miss E he's broken his tail a few times and it's grown back lumpy? I'm going to sew the end into a spiral anyway.
Time to walk the dogs! Daughters busy doing homework and JJ fast asleep I have a very quiet house tonight...  GOOD NIGHT AND HAPPY crocheting!

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