Friday, 29 November 2013

ROBIN pattern details and excitement over my Christmas crochet class!

 OH! I'm getting rather excited about my Christmas crochet class at Bicester Wools tomorrow morning!
 These baubles are amongst the many Christmassy decorations we are going to learn...
 But in the meantime I thought I'd be kind and share with you the pattern for this cute wee robin of mine?
 First with two strands of DK wool and  4.5 mm hook, make a stuffed egg pattern as recorded on Ravelry here- you need about 9 grammes of each colour acrylic yarn. I used Hayfield Bonus DK in brown and Sirdar Snuggly DK in the flesh beige colour :

or try the website direct: AND THANKING CRAFT FROG for her lovely pattern!!!
giving plentiful thanks in gratefulness right here.

Then in King Cole scarlet bamboocotton and a 3mm hook make a flat circle with 5 rounds ending with 30 dc.
A flat circle is made in dc with an increase of 6 sts for each round thus:
With magic circle or ch 2 and work into circle or 2nd ch from hook: R1=6dc.
then with each successive round work and extra dc single before working 2dc in one stitch?
( 6dc)
R2: work 2dc in each dc. ( 12 dc)
R3: WORK 1 dc in 1 dc then 2dc in next dc, repeat all the way around and close with ss.(18dc)
R4: work 1 dc in 1 dc twice then 2dc in next dc and repeat around, close with ss( 24dc)
R5: work 1 dc in each dc three times then 2dc in next dc and repeat all around, close with ss.(30 dc)
( if you wanted a bigger flat circle you would etc etc, do you see the pattern developing? )
Fasten off with a long thread so you can sew the red breast to the body. Line up one part of the circle with the base of the egg.
With Yellow DK and a 3 mm hook: ch4 and work 4 dc into those chains.
Then work 2dc together over the two groups of 2 ( 2dc)
now ch1 and fasten off with a long enough thread to fold over, sew beak and sew beak to body just above the red breast.
WINGS: make 2 of these:
With the brown DK and a 3mm hook: ch 6 and work a dc into 2nd ch from hook, then work 1 HTr, 5 Tr, 1 HTr,1 dc into the remaining 4 chains.
turn, ch1, work a dc into each st in row below: 9 dc, then ss to finish.
Leave long tail to sew wings to sides of body in an upside down U shape.
Optional FEET: make 2.
In brown or yellow DK yarn:
ch 9, ss into 2nd ch from hook and into next 2 sts. ch 2 , ss into 2nd ch from hook, ch 4, ss into 2nd ch from hook and in next 6 st to the very beginning of the chain 9. One leg/claw made.
Thread fine wire in and out of the chains turning a small loop under at each far end and doubling back for each toe of the 3 toe claw. Sew in ends and sew legs to body.

Sew in all ends not used for sewing and add a pair of beady black eyes: use safety eyes with a dab of PVA glue on the ends when you insert them- NOT SAFE FOR TODDLERS/ CHILDREN OR BABIES- or embroider eyes with black yarn and French knots, or use buttons or beads or sequins or tiny circles of black felt sewn on tightly.
Do sew eyes very securely if robin is to come into contact with any babies/toddlers/children!


Abbreviations used:
dc= UK double crochet USA single crochet
HTr= UK HALF TREBLE , USA= half double crochet.
Tr= UK Treble, USA= double crochet.
SS= slip stitch
ch= chain.

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