Saturday, 16 November 2013

Back home and crocheting

 So that was a wee selfie the night before as I knew I'd have  scars on my nose after the procedure.
Luckily they agreed to do one side at a time for various very sound health reasons and I'm very happy about this.
 Wednesday walking back from College I saw these mushrooms and thought AUTUMN!  Now I have seen many mushrooms already , even a tall dramatic fairy circle in a neigbour's garden, but when I ran home to fetch a camera, a dog had run in and because they were so tall, crushed those mushrooms.
So this time I thought, quick piccie, it's seasonal.
 And talking of seasonal, my girls are obsessed with Christmas already with songs and music and presents lists, so when I came too after surgery and whoozy as I was .... When I saw this as part of the meal I thought PHOTO! It'll be my first mince pie of 2013?!
 So here it goes, anticipation mounting...  Oh and while I had the phone on camera mode, let's pan round and look at my ''view''?
 I was ever so ever so lucky to have a room to myself?!!
 And the general anaesthetics have improved enormously sice the 1980's, no nausea, no vomiting, just a pounding headache but that could have been the surgery and the dehydration...
 Yum, but no the little pie was APPLE not Christmas mince pie. So silly.
 The girls came to visit and after ''playing with my bed'' which had electronic controls and it made us laugh so much and giggling madly at i-phone photos and jokes about the hospital they cheered me up no end.
It was lovely though, we had laughed so much I was grateful I did not hurt too much while laughing , because we did a lot of it! JJ was a sweetie too and provided comfort, flowers, magazine and choccies!
 I was surprised they left the line in all day and the night after- I think I was first on the 8:30 am surgery list Thursday-  it became very uncomfortable as I kept snagging it on the blankets.
Eventually after lunch on  Friday I asked an ''obs'' nurse about it and she fetched someone to take it out for me.
 These anti DVT stockings were hot and uncomfortable but I was impressed that they provided them and insisted they stay on until one gets dressed and is up out of bed. Top marks there for the J.R.
Besides the rest of me got very cold during the night so at least my calves were warm.
 Breakfast Friday.
 The glorious flowers waiting in the sink- they don;t seem to do vases anymore?
 And lovely photo-mag ( no new crochet mags out yet, shame!) and delicious chocolates...
 Friday lunch, after which I started a little ''reindeer crochet''.... Waited 5 hours for the medicines to come out of pharmacy so I could go home. Dr had ''discharged'' me at 7:30 am!
 I did some more Friday evening after a nap, can;t sleep well in hospital due to all the ''obs'' for which they wake you up.  Funnily enough even when the obs weren't that good they just waited till they were?
So every time they'd say: you are a bit cold and I 'd say yes I am!  So the way out of that was not to give me blankets but to try the ear that had lain in a pillow and was thus warmer...
You have too low oxygen - so I had to do deep breathing or take Ventolin before they'd go away.
Then: You have high BP? yes well maybe it was a scary dream? I was asleep!
Then later on: you have low BP? When I was midway through a Paul Mc Kenna hypnosis cd to help me reshape the body, well the hypnotic state was working then wasn't it?

I digress, those part of reindeer are a body, stuffed and brown, a tummy panel, two antlers and a head/face/nose. It's the one from SIMPLY HOMEMADE magazine issue #35 that I showed you in a previous post :
It's the little reindeer RUDOLPH that's featured on the cover? Half way down the post after the bobbly  fingerless mittens and again right at the end? Paws and legs are still to be made and black eye buttons purchased...The TA DAH moment will be coming soon....
 And when I got home, there was PASCAL sitting on the tv, welcoming me home.

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