Sunday, 3 November 2013

Poppies again

 Made new poppies today as I have mislaid my former one. The lost one I made November 2011 and can be seen in this post:

 This one came from that simply home-made magazine and I enjoyed making the stamens with a little tool that I've had a long time but never used. Funny moment: it was so cold last night the dogs ''cuddled up'' in the same small basket!
 When discovered, Lucy crept out quick and swapped to Miss Y's bed....
 I've tidied my room!!! Let's see how ling it can last? It's much nicer to study in.

Here's the tool the magazine picture and my completed poppy.
 I used black embroidery thread and the gadget, red King Cole bamboo cotton DK and a 3.5mm hook
and followed the pattern instructions except I did only 4 rows per petal and made 4 petals, but decided to use only 3. I also omitted the beads.
 I rather like it, very realistic but maybe a bit bog for the office? It's 7 cm across!
 I remembered my old one fondly so I looked on my Ravelry projects page to find out when I made it, then  looked up my own blog in November 2011 to find the pattern!
I made 3 red petals : ch2, then work 1 dc, 1 HTR, 2 Tr and 4 DTR, then 2 TR, 1 HTR and 1 dc into the second chain. pull to close hole and fasten off. Make 3 like that.
 Find or buy a black button and make a leaf: I used chunky meadow green yarn and a 3.5 mm hook.
I think I chained about 14 or so. dc in 3rd ch, then 1 Htr, 1Tr twice per ch, 1Dtr twice per ch, 1 Tr twice, 1 Htr, 1 dc and ss the remaining ch. sew ends into leaf securely.
Sew the 3 petals together with the ends of the red yarn, also sew leaf on with the red yarn and run the yarn round the edge of all 3 petals with a running stitch. Lightly gather up the edge of the petals so they curl?
Sew the ends in securely, saving one for the brooch back. Sew the button on with black thread.
Sew the brooch back on with the last red end and finish off. VOILA! This one's 4 cm across.

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