Wednesday, 27 November 2013


 Today a little robin was born at our home.... Here he is, tah dah! Partly the ''egg'' pattern from Ravelry and to this I have added my own wing, chest and beak patterns... I made him tweedy because I think it looks more ''feathery'' but Miss E says oh he's sooo cute, but he needs to be all brown?
 It's all because Christmas is so much in the air and all around town now  that all those fabulous decorations and smells, scents and visions in the shops have put me in Christmassy mood. Not to mention the fab EDWARDIAN advent calenday from the amazing Jacquie Lawson! Look see this shop?
 Little knitted reindeer these, among the snow.
 Such pretty heartfelt berries and a wee birdie too, tweet tweet?
 Aaaaah a nativity scene and such a pretty sign? Oh I really MUST crochet out own nativity, finally this year?
I keep meaning to do it, but haven't done so as yet....
 So from that pretty shop I came away with this sweet little fawn, but JJ was not amused.
Luckily both girls adored it too, must be a girl thing.
So I daren't confess also to another item of the ingenuity of laser cutting, THIS wee housie!
Laser cut locally I'm told, she has done some larger houses, cottages and so on but this tiny hut was just so sweet? A little flickering battery operated ''candle'' inside.

 This is the front, we always buy a few new things to add to our enormous Christmas decorative collection and this was the start of the 2013 newbies!
 Back at home I had to sketch my idea for a home -made crocheted wreath, this too I have been talking about for years and years and every X-mas our old pine wreath travels from the attic to our front door with it's fabric poinsettias and not a crochet stitch in sight, soooooooo....
 THIS year I'm gonna DO IT! OUR OWN crochet inspired, CHRISTMAS WREATH!
 The base was purchased a few days ago, Hobbycraft twigs, the largest I could find.
And to this I am sewing many holly leaves, all crocheted in varying shades of ''forest/ pine'' green and in various sizes. I am going to add 2 poinsettias and I still have many leaves and berries to make and attach.
 Here are some of the berries. But today I felt like making the focal point:
 A little robin! So after 5 hours of academic searches on 3 medic/nursing databases and endless reading of abstracts, ( 23 at least) and a few chapters of a research book, some food shopping as well,  I finally got to make this cutie.
 What do you think?
 I'm not so sure about the feet, maybe they should be brown or wired or omitted?
 Looks OK from up top, but...
Still thinking about it.

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