Saturday, 2 November 2013

Christmas Pudding making 1st November 2013

All done now, the fruit soaked in alcohol for a week or 5 days, covered in the fridge and then I mixed the rest of the ingredients and steamed the puddings.
The recipe was shown  in my post of a few days ago on   31st October.
 Last year's large pudding basin had disappeared - assumed broken- so we bought a new one in Waitrose, it's a pretty one, JJ chose it and got it free with his my- wr tokens.
 Then I recalled my annual wrangle and problems with make-shift trivets in the base of the pan, countless ''old'' plated have been broken over the years, cookie cutters have rusted etc etc.
 So a new trivet it was and off we went steaming the large one, I had to increase the 4 hours to 6 hours because it was still too fluid and soft after 4. Even after 6 it wasn;t ''solidly firm'' but quite springy, hope it will be OK.

 All mixed up: then fold and knot and seal for steaming:
 The little one waited but is now also steaming away.
When the steaming had finished you redo the paper and foil cover with string and let it rest in a dark cool place for a few weeks or months.

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